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armoredman 06-12-2011 04:09 AM

High Noon Holsters “Down Under” with Straps for the CZ SP-01 Phantom 9mm duty pistol.
Whew, that title is a mouthful right there, ain’t it?
When I received my CZ SP-01 Phantom pistol back in December of last year, I realized upon shooting it that I had to find a way to carry it. I always carried compact autos or revolvers, but this big pistol was seriously getting my attention. For instance, I never shot at 50 yards before with any handgun; never figured I was good enough to really hit anything. With this gun, I felt comfortable engaging targets at 50 and even 100 yards. OK, so I am no pistolero anyone has to worry about on the competitive circuit, but I really liked this pistol and started looking for a rig for it. Did you know practically nobody carries leather for the Phantom? The SP-01, certainly, Shadow and Tactical versions, but the Phantom has some subtle differences in its shape that doesn’t work well with those rigs. Drat. I actually found that one custom rig for a P-01 mostly fit, but it wasn’t right. Double Drat.

Enter High Noon Holsters. They got a nice shiny new Phantom mold and now carry 90% of their lineup for the CZ SP-01 Phantom. Now that’s good news, right there! But I needed something special, something to do the virtually impossible. I want to conceal a full size duty pistol under a loose t-shirt in Arizona summer weather. They said, “we can help.”

Remember that brown box? There was more than just a belt in there. Enter the High Noon Down Under inside the waistband holster with straps. I never did like clips much, always liked straps or belt slots.

That new leather smell is indescribable. I had to give this rig a GOOD once over…more than once.

The stitching, to my untrained eye, is flawless, construction rugged and sturdy. That isn't creases in the leather inside that sweat shield - that is finely molded detailing, fits the Phantom perfectly. The sweat shield is high enough to ensure that it will stay off the metal slide and hammer. It’s also thick enough to qualify as medieval armor! See?

I don’t have any pictures of me wearing it – my fat gut is bad enough without showing it off to the world…so we’ll do another picture, still life, “gun-in-holster”.

Note the way the sweat shield also curves slightly forward to also protect the rear sight. Nice touch. Rough-out leather helps anchor the rig in place.
Seriously, there was no break in needed, it was more of a “snap-in” feel, due to that precision molding; the pistol slid in to the Down Under and just snapped right into place.
Wore an overlarge t-shirt to several places over the last few days with this holster on the High Noon Rock Steady belt, and what a winning combo! The gun never shifted, and hid just fine. My wife said it was excellent, no "printing"…just don’t bend over. Well, that’s the curse of any belt holster. I also procured a CZ 75 standard 16 round magazine to try that as an aid to concealment, and yes, the loss of two rounds was offset by an easier to hide profile. But even with the 18 round standard SP-01 magazines, the High Noon Down Under kept it right where I wanted it to be, under cover. I did feel a little scraping from the stitching on the back of the holster against my side, but nothing bad, just enough to say, “HEY, FATSO, LOSE WEIGHT!” Sheesh, I'm working on it!

All in all, I think the Down Under with Straps is an excellent rig, well made, well executed design, and it made my CZ SP-01 Phantom a permanent fixture on my side.

Uh, oh, the CZ P-01 is gonna be jealous…

armoredman 06-16-2011 05:03 AM

I know nobody commented here, interest must be very low, but I'll throw a couple of carry pics, just in case anyone thinks it can't be done.
CZ SP-01 Phantom, Down Under holster, Rock Steady gun belt, fat gut OEM.

Dennis845 07-11-2011 08:09 PM

High Noon is an excellent company. I bought their (super spanky?) some time ago. I don't exactly remember the name but it was a paddle holster. Excellent quality. This was my first paddle holster and I find it very uncomfortable after a couple of hours but that's not their fault. Paddle holsters are made for quick trips somewhere and not for all day wear IMO. As a matter of fact, I paid the extra $50.00 to get it in 7-10 days. After 10 days I didn't hear anything so I emailed them and asked what's up? They said somehow I fell through the cracks and refunded my 50 bucks and had the holster in about 2 weeks. Good quality and good people to deal with. :D

armoredman 08-18-2011 05:58 PM

Howdee do, folks. I first posted about my brand new High Noon Down Under,( with straps), inside the waistband holster back in the beginning of June, and was very enthusiastic about it. It also came with the very sturdy and supportive Rock Steady gunbelt, a wonder all of it's own. I ditched the old flimsy junk I had been using and dove right in. But how often do you see what constant use does to such a setup, in the worst heat and humidity I can find, AKA Arizona summer and monsoon season, worn every day?

It looks like this.

That's over two months of every day use, concealing a full size duty pistol under a t-shirt in southern Arizona summer heat. The armored sweat shield of the Down Under let not a drop of moisture through to the sidearm, and kept it steady and perfectly supported on the Rock Steady belt. Not one teeny tiny black dot of dye leaked out to touch my "inner garments", a problem I've had with other big name holsters during our hot season. This may one of our wettest monsoon years, and the sweat runs freely all day long...but not onto my pistol. The sidearm continues to reholster easily, one handed, and the reinforced holster mouth is just as sturdy as when we started this run. No binding, no visible holster marks on the pistol, nothing, almost if my CZ SP-01 Phantom had spent the whole time cradled in a velvet lined presentation case.
Some might say two months isn't much time, but I have had other famous maker holsters fall apart in less time, or proved themselves inadequate to the task.
I'm sold on High Noon.

fireguy 08-18-2011 06:32 PM

I think that is a pretty good testament. Now try it out in 100+ Kansas heat and see what it does with higher humidity. My wife and I have been walking in the mornings @ 5:00 to beat the heat. When I get out of the shower I start sweating again in the air conditioned house. Had enough already.

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