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hanging a gun on the wall

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Originally Posted by G21.45 View Post
Bad idea! And, then, there's always the problem of coming home to face your own gun!
Exactly. Better to lock your stuff up good and tight and carry!!
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Good point about kids getting to guns but we don't have kids in our house. It's just me and my 22-year old wife, who has been taught how to use all the firearms in the house safely. In the event that we decide to have kids, the guns will be looked up in a gunsafe so they don't get to them. I put my shotgun on the door because I'm hopefully leaving for basic training in Oct. and I want my wife to be able to defend herself should anyone try anything while I'm gone.
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Mostly all good points when dealing with YOUR kids. What about others who are visiting? I teach Concealed Carry for both NC and UT. During the class we discuss securing firearms away from unauthorized users, particularly children. I tell my story: My kids have been raised around guns and taught the proper and safe handling of any and all they encounter. At the time, my son was 22 and my daughter was 27 with no kids. My daughter moved home during her divorce. Again, no kids. Well, I had guns scattered around the house. Of course they were loaded, an unloaded gun is a club. I had no reason to worry as they knew what they were doing and would not bother the guns anyway. Well, I came home from work one day and there was an 8 year old and 10 year old boy running around the house. My heart sank as to the potential posibilities here. These two boys belonged to a friend of my daughter who was visiting. I had to re-think how I had my guns located in my home. The point here is that just because you and your family are safe around firearms, that does not mean that everyone who enters the home will have the same mindset, training, or experience. Now my guns are in the safe. That is the ones I'm not carrying. I have a lockbox for that on the nightstand when carry is not possible.
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Default Gun Hanging

I sure hate for my first post to be a nudge like this, but..

Several comments here made reference to "Unloaded Guns". My children have always been around these tools, and the very first thing they were taught is that "There Is No Such Thing As An Unloaded Weapon".

I fully agree that education is the key to safety. Assuming that children can't find hidden firearms is naive at best. 2 year olds can find cookie jars. Train the children early and make sure they look at guns as tools instead of toys.

I am currently manufacturing hooks to hang my M-1 over my mantle. I am experimenting with several ideas and will let you know how it works out.
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I have a rack in my office with two shotguns and my two lever rifles on it. Also a pistol that sits on top my computer tower just under my keyboard. Kids are not a factor in here and there is only one way in unless you have some digging equipment(Underground basement type thing). The rest are locked up. Education is the key as well as home security issues so you wont have to face your own weapon. I guess it's a plus living in a small town. Everyone knows each other and most all of us are armed. Makes for polite neighbors

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if i was to do this (kid in house,w/unlocked loaded shotty)...i would install lock on door that the loaded shotgun hangs on.(keep locked at all times or untill child sleeps or not home)..just screw me a 2 1/2 or 3inch screw into my door,and throw a strap of some kind on my shotty and let it hang from it...easy enough
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Default Kids & Guns

I raised 2 kids, boy and girl in a house full of guns. I am going to sound like a monster, BUT, my kids would rather fight a gator than chance putting finger prints on my guns. I have friends and relatives that disassemble guns and hide ammo, "FOR HOME PROTECTION"! I'm sure a burgler would be kind enough to wait until you reassemble your gun, find the ammo and load your gun before he kicks down the door. Bottom line, threaten to eat your kids if they touch your guns. AND, YES, there is no way to keep kids from playing with guns if they want to.
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I don't have kids. My first shot from an actual gun (as opposed to a BB gun, no offense) was to kill a squirrel. I think my Dad had me take that shot, on Christmas morning, to impress upon me that even that lil .22 rifle would kill its target. I don't recall ever "playing" with guns as a child after that shot, though i know we played with cap guns & bb guns before then. I hate to think what trouble i could've gotten in had my father not properly instructed & impressed me regarding the lethality of firearms. After having to finish off a different squirrel with a brick, i learned to make that first shot be the only one needed.
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