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Gander Mountain..Bass Pro..Cabela's....

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BPS and Cabelas are great if its on sale and if you have a store it is a good place to go spend a lazy sunday.

Gander Mtn is great if you need a laugh. Last time I was in mine they wanted $79.99 for 1k CCI small rifle primers they wanted $89.99 for 1k of CCI Small rifle BR primer. I looked at the guy laughed and walked away. Seen a used glock 17 in the case for $650 and a brand new Glock 17 right next to it for $500. Seen a Winchester Model 94 in 30-30 they wanted $1900 for it. It looked like a ranch rifle tape on the stock sling torn in places 50% of the bluing worn off with some pitting they had it marked as EXCELLENT condition.
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Well I am addicted to Cabelas! And for the biggest part they have very good customer service. I also like Midway USA for other items. I do not think anyone is quicker on delivery normally. But for weapons in general I like the individual idea as well as to barter at the gun shows. As much as I hate to say it you can not beat Wal-Mart for guns if you know what you are buying. They do tend to inventory the lower range of weapon company's models due to inventory cost of the deluxe models. Once again they are fairly reasonable due to buying power. But since the liberals have even infiltrated the Wal-Mart management group. As some may have noticed, a lot of their stores have stopped handling firearms. Or possibly they can not find anyone at the wages they pay who knows that much about the products to take care of this area and assure a laws are followed. Anything I hate is to go to a store and deal with someone who does not know their product. Or worse tries to BS me acting like they do when they do not!

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Cabelas is 21 miles west and Gander 32 in the opposite direction. Gander is nice because you can get up close and personal with long guns with out a clerk handing you one. Their prices are high and they don't offer powder in larger than 1# canisters.
Cabelas no longer stocks powder in canisters larger than one pound (in store) you must order them but if you take delivery at a store there is no "haz mat" fees. It appears that the stores no longer stock my favorite 250 count Nosler pistol bullets. Cabelas offers a fantastic selection of clothing, almost too much. Their gear is usually as good as they claim.
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I pass a Cabela's daily on my way to work and in some regards love them and in others I can't stand to deal with them. I bought my .22 there a few months back. I knew what I wanted, had read up a lot, then asked the guy behind the counter for his opinion and he told me to buy something different... I asked if he had any first hand exeperience with that type of rifle and he said "No but a guy I met once told me..." To that end I have had no problems with my rifle and love it... I have been trying to locate a .22 pistol so I can afford to shoot for hours, but after dropping in to see their new and used counters, I won't buy anything used from them... They have two identical used pistols for sale but not for comparable prices... The one is for sale at 309 and is in pretty decent shape, the other for 389 looks like crap... Slide and frame faded and worn, pitting, etc... Regardless where I will be buying, I do my homwork on google, youtube, and the multitude of forums out there and I go in knowing what I want and why... In many cases I have found that a redneck on youtube with a handicam and some freetime can be just as helpful as the guys working firearms counters...
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LGS For Guns and accessories.

Wal-mart for Ammo.

Gander Mtn. / Bass Pro Shop for some Rifles/Shotguns and handling of weapons of interest because they've got a large selection IN STOCK, but both are VERY overpriced on their handgun prices, ammo prices (unless there's a good sale) and accessories (there are a few exceptions such as some cleaning supplies).

This type situation is surprising to me because most of my other hobbies (Guitars, Aquariums) it's the opposite, Local places are considerably more expensive then the big chains (Guitar Center, PetsMart, etc.) so the only reason to shop LGS in those hobbies is to support the small business owner instead of a big chain while sacrificing getting the best price for YOU.

Whatever the reason I for one am glad that with firearms I can get the best prices and support my local small business all that the same time (besides my ammo that I get at Wally World)...

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I buy most of my handgun ammo at Wallyworld. I am not very close to a BPS or Cabellas, but there is a Gander Mountain nearby (30 minutes). There aren't very many local gun shops in town, but i have been VERY happy with one little pawn & gun place. When I was price shopping for a XD45 5", i found the only large local gun shop to be an even $100 above the local gun shop in the next town over (was near Gander until closing). Upon examining the XD45 in the next town over, i found it was OD green & wanted to compare to a standard black model; when i went a few blocks to Gander, i found a black XD45 5" for the same over-priced price as at the large local gun shop. I bought the OD one from the semi-local gunshop. I have priced some pistols at the GM since & they always seem very high. Since the XD45, all firearms purchases have been at the local Pawn & Gun; i just wish the guy stocked more ammo.
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I love my local Cabelas. They have an awesome gun library. I usually shop around if I am looking for something new. Jimmy's place is usually cheaper. But Jimmy doesn't give me a $150 gift card for buying a $400 gun! And Jimmy simply doesn't have the antique stuff that you find in the gun library. But for new, I have never asked Jimmy if he had something and him say "no". The answer is usually, "What color do you want?" I went in there the other day and he had the PMR30...otherwise know as the unicorn.

If you are wondering...Jimmy is the owner of "A Pawn" in Grand Junction.
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Interesting to see this here. I am a firearms associate at the local gander mountain so i may favor them a little.

That being said.. I usually go to walmart for ammo, unless there is a great sale going on at gander in its usually cheaper for me.

I see a few people commenting on the used gun prices at gander mountain. There are sometimes incredible deals, and sometimes they sit forever. What dictates that is what was paid for the gun by the store. If the employee offered to much and bought the gun to much... then they need to sell it higher to make profit. I know that I have made the mistake once or twice that I priced something to high because of various reasons. Usually its a learning experience.

Nice deals do come along often though, you just have to be there, otherwise you miss out.

As for the others:
Cabelas - great stock online as long as its in stock, some nice deals.

BPS - have only bought a few things online here.
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i reload at least 10,000 rounds of centerfire rifle ammo every year. Reloading components at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's and Gander Mountain are very high. My reloading stuff comes in large quantities from online retailers.
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I like them all for different reasons. BUT if anyone talks down to me I leave, I have a real thorn in my side about how I get spoken to as a woman who enjoys hunting, fishing, and shooting.
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