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thrashthis56 02-11-2012 12:32 AM

ak wood?
I just bought a new ak47 today and it came with red wood on it. Its cool and all but i want the regular wood as well. Anyone know where to find wood sets? That dont cost a arm and a leg?

pipeman525 02-13-2012 02:53 AM

Try this

Macbeth666 03-07-2012 03:35 AM

Midway has wood ones in a few shades and there like $150. I actually took my plain dry stock ones and stained them a dark mohagony and clear coated the piss out of them

Macbeth666 03-07-2012 03:37 AM


Originally Posted by pipeman525

Ya those ones lol midway has the same Tapco ones I think they really the same price too not 150

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