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aztman 08-31-2012 01:44 AM

Would you shoot it?
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1967 WWI comm. I want to go shooting

mountainman13 08-31-2012 02:22 AM

Personally, I would, but I refuse to own a gun I can't shoot. That said, isn't a commemorative a collector's item and therefore more valuable in unfired condition?

Dillinger 08-31-2012 02:26 AM

Has it ever been fired?

Because if it hasn't, I will buy it from you so you DON'T shoot it! :eek:

aztman 08-31-2012 02:33 AM

Appears Unfired but no box or paperwork.

Dillinger 08-31-2012 02:35 AM


Originally Posted by aztman (Post 922309)
Appears Unfired but no box or paperwork.

I'd have it checked out by a pro gunsmith.

If it's unfired, you might have a real collector's piece on your hands and it could be worth a ton of cash.

I'll give you $800 for it, cash, right now. :D

But seriously, have it checked. paperwork can be tracked down or re-created. You can go to the manufacturer and get the whole life story of the weapon.

But it's only worthwhile if you are either A) a collector and it's unfired or B) its personal history.


tacticalfun 08-31-2012 02:35 AM

Ill buy it from you or trade you a colt you can shoot.

aztman 08-31-2012 02:49 AM

I just picked it up today! Let me enjoy it for a day or two.😝😝😝

qwiksdraw 08-31-2012 12:52 PM

It's kind of weird that a gun that just sits there and look "purty" can be worth more than a gun that is beat the hell up, holster worn and battle torn with history of proven performance thus earning its position as a real firearm and then would be considered virtually worthless. Personally, I would like to see more pics of those battle weary guns.

And no, I am not advocating guns that are victims of neglect and abuse from irresponsible gun owners.

Oh yeah, that is a really cool gun there.

Olympus 08-31-2012 02:33 PM

As others have said, if someone else has already put rounds through it the it probably won't hurt for you to put a few more through. But I would NOT want to be the guy to pop the cherry on that gun.

DodgerBlue 08-31-2012 07:31 PM

I have and will always say, do not let the things you own, own you.

Shoot the darn thing!

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