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heapedion 01-08-2012 08:52 PM

Will a GSG 1911 Upper fit these guns?
Hi guys,

i'am from Germany, and looking for a nice full size 1911 pistol for the range and for occasional carry in the woods. (its legal if ur in a hunting area an if u obtain a valid hunting licence which i do)

The german 1911 market(used guns) is very limited, so its extremely hard for me to find anything else than colt (s.70 an s.80 both geovernement and gold cup models), and springfield.

In Germany the gun laws are pretty weird. I will try to sum it up, so u guys can understand my situation a little bit better.

Basically, i am only allowed to own two handguns with my hunting license. To get the permission to own more than two is very hard, so its not an option for me really. (However i can own as many rifles, shotguns etc. as will fit my gunsafe)
But, there is a small "gap" in the law:
If you own a handgun lets say a Pistol in .45 cal, you can legally own as many uppers/ barrels for it is as you want, as long as they are the same caliber or a smaller caliber ( what matters is the actual bullet diameter, not the length of the cartridge or the muzzle energy...).
Thats also one reason why i choose the 1911 style pistol, because you can convert it to so many calibers.

My question is now, which uppers will fit which brand and which pistol model.

Will the GSG 1911 .22 lr Conversion kit fit any full size 1911 or just some models? Will it fit the gold cup versions ( series 70 and 80), and the springfield trophy match series?

thanks for ur replies and greetings from Munich.
This is a great forum btw. I wish we would have something like that in germany. It seems like people are much mor open minded here than in our hunting forums, so thumps up!!!!

danf_fl 01-08-2012 09:47 PM

Telefon the good leute at PeterStahl in Paderborn.

They have the MultiKalibre on the 1911 platform.
(and the quality is better than GSG).

heapedion 01-08-2012 11:25 PM


Originally Posted by danf_fl (Post 671273)
Telefon the good leute at PeterStahl in Paderborn.

They have the MultiKalibre on the 1911 platform.
(and the quality is better than GSG).

Thanks for the fast reply,

i know Peters Stahl, theyr good quality but unfortunately these "leute" are out of business, i think.

I would really like to run the GSG 1911 kit, because its much cheaper and looks much better than these other conversion kits plus the mags are available and cheap too.

Does anybody know, which Pistols they fit?

Would u rather recommend the Colt Series 70 or 80, gold cup or governement model? I know the 80 has the FPS and the different Hammer and so forth, but is there any difference in quality at all? Alot of german sports shooter say, that the s80 is much worse quality wise than the older s70, but i dont know if i should listen to them or not.

danf_fl 01-09-2012 12:06 AM

You may be correct that PeterStahl is no more.

I don't know if the GSG has the Serie 80 FPS mechanism. I would stay away from the 80 for that reason.
Colt may have had problems before, but they seem to be doing okay now.

Have you looked at Springfield Armory 1911's?

heapedion 01-09-2012 12:25 AM

Yes, i dont like the blued springfields, because the blue job on the slide looks like some kind of red color on may pistols. Theyr stainless Pistols look very good. I especially like the Trophy Match Version. There are two for auction on egun which is the german ebay for firearms:

First pistol:


second pistol:


I think, they look pretty nice. I've read, that the springfields dont have a firing pin safety like the colt s80 does, so if you drop the gun it could be dangerous, but i dont know.

So you think, that the GSG upper fits 1911s without the FPS right?

danf_fl 01-09-2012 12:50 AM

I have not tried to put a GSG slide on a 1911.
I do not know if that will work.
Other people in the forum do have the GSG and may be willing to try.

When I am working on other people's guns, I prefer the Springfield Armory or Colt.

heapedion 01-10-2012 01:18 AM

ok, i have found a german gun forum. One guy says he has tried to put it on a remington 1911 and it didnt fit at all. Another one says the gsg upper fits very good on his springfield trophy match.(dont know which exact model that is, it seems that springfield changed the design of the TM more than once)

I will try to give GSG a call tomorrow, hopefully they will be able to tell me which 1911 models their uppers will fit.

danf_fl 01-10-2012 08:16 AM

Please keep us informed. Thank you

heapedion 01-10-2012 12:44 PM

i just called gsg to ask for their GSG 1911 upper, an they told me, that their sales for germany is outsourced to Waffen Schumacher. Anyway, i called them too and they told me, that the GSG upper will fit any singlestack 1911. I particularly asked if a firing pin safety like the colt s80 uses will affect the fit. The dude on the telefone said, that if you just buy the upper, the firing pin safety that the complete gsg pistol uses is taken out and that it will therefore work on both systems.:D

Now i'm not sure, if the dude on the telefone really knew what he was talking about , but everything he said sounds plausible to me so i think its very likeli to be true.

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