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Why is the 1911 so popular?

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Originally Posted by 308Wins View Post
I've always thought it was a cool gun, but I'm a little confused why they're so popular, because they're always pricy guns when I see them. I see the inexpensive ones for about $800, you could buy at least a couple other guns for that!
My question is, are they worth it?
Shoot one. It's all noise & BS if you don't get it.
If it doesn't blow your skirt up (so to speak,) then no, it isn't worth it.
That said, I would be surprised if you came away unimpressed.
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In my opinion the popularity of the 1911 comes from 3 distinct areas.

1. "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." The .38 caliber the military had been using was insufficient as a "Man Stopper." When they switched over to the .45 acp, the military realized that it performed very well at the tasks it was designed for. Many companies have made minor modifications to the design over the years, but the fact that the pistols manufactured in 2013 are virtually the same as the ones manufactured in 1912, is a testament to the fact that it isn't broke yet so no fix is needed yet.

2. After being used so long by the military, we have entire generations who have a familiarity with the 1911 that would be somewhere between hard and impossible to find with any other pistol ever made.

3. Americans in general tend to prefer American calibers over European calibers. Americans buy more 30-06's, 308's, and 30-30's than all of the 7.62 variants combined. We by more .40 S&W's than 10 mm's. And while I have not seen the comparison lattly between the .357's and .38's versus the 9 mm's, I would wager it's an even up competition with maybe a slight lead for the .357's and .38's.
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Use one, if you still want some piece of Tupperware with a bad trigger after that, then you have problems my friend.
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some might say it's outdated, but the fact is, it's still around because it's a proven design. the 1911 will be around for many years to come.

and for someone to say it's an outdated design is just silly. you can't be around that long unless people keep buying. and people are still buying them.
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Originally Posted by rjd3282
Use one, if you still want some piece of Tupperware with a bad trigger after that, then you have problems my friend.
Tell me somethin I don't know!
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Along with everything that's been said.. Almost every one I've seen(almost), are like works of art.. They are beautiful guns, the simplicity in the details is amazing IMO..
I've seen a few gaudy shelf pieces, but they are few and far between in comparison to the truly beautiful ones..
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It feels great in the hand. The size and angle of the grip just feel natural.

It's heavy which makes the gun much easier to shoot than many poly modern semis.

It fires one big a** bullet. I remember watching a documentary on the 1911. One of the commentators was one of the original members of the "band of brothers". He talked about the occupation and confronting some young German troublemakers. He stuck his 1911 in their face and told them to get lost. The kid looked down his nose at the barrel, said "gross", and took off.

It's heavy, but very trim. This makes it easier to conceal for its caliber.

It is much easier to disassemble than what I thought it would be.

It is very customizable.

Then there is just the whole aspect of being the pistol with the most history.

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Originally Posted by PappaJim View Post
SNIP And while I have not seen the comparison lattly between the .357's and .38's versus the 9 mm's, I would wager it's an even up competition with maybe a slight lead for the .357's and .38's.
Seeing that neither the .357 and .38 Spl are offered as automatics in any significant numbers, I doubt if they are more popular than the 9 mm has become over the past decade. Even the 38 Super in 1911 formant has kind of died out. One cannot deny that the 1911 45 ACP is in a league of its own when it comes to handguns.
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Stated Perfectly!

The 1911 had been phased out for many years when I enlisted in 1991 so my first pistol training was on the M9 Berreta and I "thought" it was the cats "meow"... after all... I was a kid and I'd already seen Mel Gibson scare off helicopters with his in "Lethal Weapon"

Not knocking the Berreta but in 1996 I was stationed at FT. Lewis and decided the tax return was going toward my first pistol.

A pawn shop in Tacoma had a "new" condition 1991A1 for $400 with trigicon night sights... at that point I was no expert on the genius of JMB but the clerk let my dry fire it and I could not believe how much better it felt than the M9... so I took it home.

This pistol not only enlightened me as to what a fighting pistol "should be"... It light the fire of enthusiasm that's still burning.

Just be forewarned... Once you own one... All other handguns will pale in comparison.


Originally Posted by txpossum View Post
My love for the 1911 is difficult to put into words, because the enjoyment I get out of shooting a 1911 vs. just about any other gun is the combination of attributes particular to the 1911, and make shooting it a unique experience.

When you pick it up, it FEELS like a gun is supposed to feel -- heavy, serious, and business-like. It fits solidly in your hand. You rack the slide back, and the sound is authoritative. The gun does not feel like a toy, there is a sense that it is made for deadly purpose. And the trigger -- there is nothing like the feel of a nicely tuned 1911 trigger that breaks like a glass rod at 3-4 pounds of pressure. No creep, no overtravel. It has spoiled me for all other triggers. When it goes off, there is deep, low bark rather than an excited yelp, and you feel the heavy slide come back and rock the gun, but the recoil is very controllable and easy to get back on target for subsequent shots. You fire it, and you KNOW you've got the Daddy. You watch it eat up the target, and the gun tells you, "common' Bud, that's what we're here for".

God, I love 1911's.

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I used to wonder the same thing then I started talking to some of the guys and gals here about a 45. I was at first looking for a Sig 220.I was told that the 220 was a great pistol but should try looking at a 1911.I really wanted something with more concealability than the 220 and started looking at 1911's as was suggested.My lgs's let me look feel dry fire and slip one in my carry position and BAM!That's all she wrote.I will be carrying her for a long time.Love at first bite.

Still would like a 220 just to have one though but I'm just plain silly like that.

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