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NGIB 08-24-2009 09:12 AM

Trigger lengths
Never really payed much attention until I got my Colt but there are 3 basic trigger lengths on 1911s. My Colt came with the "long" version and the Springer & Norinco both have "short" triggers, my Kimber is a "medium". Did some playing around yesterday and decided that the long triggers work best for me for a natural grip and the proper amount of finger on the trigger.

Spent some time on Brownells yesterday (and a few other sites) looking for decent long triggers. The vast majority of long adjustable triggers I found were either polished or brushed aluminum - and I really wanted a darker finish. At Fusion I found these listed at the link and they look pretty good so I ordered a few of them. Surprisingly, I got a "shipped" email from them yesterday...

Trigger - Match Grade Black K, Combat Series

Here's the Colt with a "bright" trigger (the stock trigger was the same length), I think it will look much better with the anodized Fusion trigger and I'll post an after pic when it's installed...

NGIB 08-24-2009 09:59 AM

Here's the Mil-Spec with a short factory trigger and you can see the difference (roughly 1/4 inch). This one is also getting one of the new triggers...

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