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jd45 02-23-2011 02:17 AM

Taurus PT 1911
Hello to all! New to FirearmsTalk Forums & glad to mingle among you guys. I'd appreciate any & all opinions regarding the above autoloader. I just went thru the "Which Stainless 1911" thread, hoping to find some feedback, & didn't! Am I supposed to detect that it's not respected by people who shoot 1911s here? A little help, if you please?:confused: Thanx, jd45,
Now after a moment's thought, I'm wondering if you guys are just expressing your favoritism for American-made firearms. I have absolutely NO problem with that, just want to be clear on the reason.

DrumJunkie 02-23-2011 02:22 AM

They are a decent 1911 for the money. There are better ones out there but they will run just fine.

jd45 02-23-2011 02:33 AM

DrumJunkie, how about informing me of those you think are worth comparing to the PT 1911. Oh, & BTW, what do you think of Ginger Baker? Thanx, jd45

Olympus 02-23-2011 02:37 AM

The stigma is because it says "Taurus" and that gets a lot of criticism no matter what the gun. I have a stainless Taurus 1911 and I've ragged the hell out of it. I've got over 4000 rounds through it and have yet to have a malfunction, even with the cheap Taurus mags. And I've yet to find another company that offers a stainless 1911 with the standard features of the Taurus in the same price range. For a low cost stainless 1911, the Taurus is really the best bet.

If you want to spend over $700, there are all kinds of other nice stainless guns. I didn't see anything in the OP about a price range, so if price isn't a factor, I'd pick a Dan Wesson or a Colt. But if I'm trying to stay under 7 bills, Taurus gets the nod.

Dillinger 02-23-2011 02:50 AM

You will find a lot of Taurus haters on the Interwebz. No doubt some of it has been earned, but a few years ago Taurus officially split with Beretta, spent a ton of money to revamp their entire facility in Brazil with all new CNC gear.

You will get a mixed bag of reviews about what has happened with them from that point forward, but personally I think they are onto something especially with their 1911 line.

I am in the process of undertaking a PT1911 project that you might like to do some reading on:

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.


danf_fl 02-23-2011 02:51 AM

I've always been partial to Ed Brown or Dan Wesson. I do own a Taurus in .38 Super that I plan on doing a complete report on from initial degreasing to what changes I want to make (and I plan on pics during all phases).

I have a Springer (bought in the early to mid 80's) that has served me well.

I have several I assembled myself in different configurations for different purposes.

I have a RIA. I've had SAM, Charles Daly, Colt, and others.

I have them in .22, .38 Special wadcutter, 9mm, 10mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP (.460Rowland is in the future).

Always buy the best you can affor

jd45 02-23-2011 03:21 AM

Thanx for your replies 1911Gripmaker; Dillinger, (was that REALLY you on the slab in the Morgue?); & Danf_Fl. Looking forward to the write-up. I am hoping to stay below $700, if possible. jd45
Ain't it interesting you & I should have the same initials, JD? I think so. I will PM with questions, & thanx, jd45

DrumJunkie 02-23-2011 04:23 AM


Originally Posted by jd45 (Post 451511)
DrumJunkie, how about informing me of those you think are worth comparing to the PT 1911. Oh, & BTW, what do you think of Ginger Baker? Thanx, jd45

lol! I'm a Baker fan for many years now.

Entry level 1911's like the RIA, Para GI Expert are near the price. Spend a little more and get a loaded Springer and you will be happier I think in the long run. You cna get the Mil-Spec for the same money but with most these others you wont get the ambi safety. But in this case you might be better off. The main beef I have with the pt1911 is with the ambi safety working loose over time. I work on all my 1911's in house so fitting another was no big deal and I even had one to put in it. But most people don't want to deal with things like this when they buy a new pistol. Now I bought two PT1911's a few years ago. I gave one to a friend as a gift. It was him that got me looking at them. My safety worked loose and his never did. His is blued and mine is stainless not that I think that had anything to do with it.

The PT1911 is a good shooting pistol. It's not near as good as they like to say it is bot it's not near as bad as the Taurus bashers want to think either. I have had many different 1911's over the years. Some better than others. For the money the PT1911 is not a bad deal. But if I was looking for something that will hold value then I'll go for a Springfield then add the goodies I want later as I can add them. A Taurus will not usually hold it's value because too many of their other pistols have made that a problem for them. Their 1911's are much better than anything I have seen from them in many years. With the plethora of aftermarket parts it's nothing to make it into anything you might want to. But like with guns like the Rock Island you can put a bunch of money in it and it will still be a RIA and it will not bring much more at sale time if that time comes. Where pistols like Colt, Springfield can being their higher desire by gun collectors and shooters.

If I had it to do again I'd of still bought the PT1911(s). Mine has had nothing done to it other than a safety change and fed a ton of ammo. I've left it dirty for long periods of time to see how bad it would act up and finally caved after a little over 1K rounds and cleaned it. But it never malfunctioned. I will say do not look at the good hype from Taurus. This is bot a match grade weapon (as their ads like to say) The trigger is not near good enough nor is it's barrel to make that claim. Not to mention the bbl. bushing but it is a good shooting pistol. I have out shot much higher priced pistols with it. But it is not a custom gun. That's for the Nighhawks and the like, and they cost very much more...For a reason. But they are not crap pistols like some detractors will try to make people think. Most of which probably have not shot one or wont due to it not being a Colt, Kimber etc.

..Oh..and I'm a Bill Ward fan too ;)

colmustard 02-23-2011 04:45 AM

A pt 1911 was my first 1911, still have it and still shoot it alot! Never had a issue with it. But its not a colt, but it works and does what it supposed to do and it does well in that aspect. I have no complaints from this pistol of mine.:)

NGIB 02-23-2011 09:18 AM

As I've said time and time again, the Taurus isn't a bad 1911 if you get one for the right price. I've owned 3 of them and the most I paid is about $420 for the stainless one I have now. At $450 or less they are a solid gun, at much over that I'm going to look at a used Springer. The ambi safety is notoriously weak and likes to come loose and the triggers need some work right away. Nothing you can't fix to have a good shooting gun but other brands such as Springer are better out of the box.

Note, these comments only apply to the Taurus metal framed guns like the PT 1911 and the PT 92 - I have owned Taurii polymer guns and will never walk that path again...

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