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Springfield or Ruger

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I would prefer my first 1911 to be a .45, I currently have a G19 that's 9mm but I wouldn't mind another caliber in the mix. The STI is interesting though. I would also like to stay in the Ruger price range, I am not positive on the loaded target cost but I thought it was around a grand.
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The Loaded line of SA pistols is right at the same price as the RO. I have a Loaded and paid like $799 for mine. I am pretty sure that the RO is around that same price. Also, Loaded's do come in .45 (mine is)......

Those were just a couple of points based on your last post - I do not mean to suggest either a Loaded over a RO or even a SA over a Ruger.

Actually, my advice would be (since you said in your 1st post that this WILL become an out of hand addiction) to get them both!!!
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I have a loaded and mc operator and love them both.
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Another vote for the Loaded. It's more or less the same thing as the RO, but with combat sights as opposed to the target sights. I had a Loaded Parkerized, paid $795 for it.

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Originally Posted by PSYCHOFREAK3

They seem to be about the same feature wise with a little more emphasis on the springfield for fit and finish. But I like the looks of both of them, the beavertail. I like the sights better on the ruger. The other option without the default upgrades would be a springfield mil spec, but it's my first 1911 and I haven't pulled one apart yet. Once I get it I don't want to have to put more money into beavertail, different hammer, different trigger (both for looks) and pay someone to swap out sights for me.
I think either would be an excellent choice. My money is on the ruger. I just got impatient and went and bought a Sig Stx 1911 instead of being put on a waiting list. And I absolutely love my Sig. Its beautiful
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Probably the most important factor to consider is the target sights on the Range Officer versus the combat sights on the Ruger. Target sights will be much nicer for range shooting and accuracy, but they tend to snag on clothing when carrying and can be difficult to get a quick sight picture from a fast draw in a self defense situation.

I always try to have a dedicated primary purpose for my handguns. My target guns are STRICTLY for target shooting. My defensive pistols are STRICTLY for defensive shooting drills and practice. I don't carry my target pistols and I don't target shoot my carry pistols. That's just a little rule I stick to personally.
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Originally Posted by PSYCHOFREAK3 View Post
I would prefer my first 1911 to be a .45
It comes in all calibers:

STI Spartan 5" 1911 45 ACP Best Value Match Grade 1911 Pistol on the Market Just Got Better! "FREE DP FIBER OPTIC FRONT SIGHT INSTALLED LIMITED TIME" Detail Page

The price is not a misprint: it's $628

Here's the best 1911 to be had for under a grand:

I own two of them.

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Springfield or Ruger - 1911 Forum

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Cane here, and contrary to popular belief I'm not going to suggest getting a Colt. (Left-handedly I guess I just did. )

Go with the SA Loaded. It's a no-brainer. Why? I'm glad you asked.
  1. SA has a truck load of 1911 experience.
  2. SA has a well earned reputation.
  3. The SR1911 is a new modality for Ruger. (Read: Can Ruger build a 1911 with soul?)
  4. The SR1911 has a cast receiver. (Pine Tree Casting)
  5. The SR1911 has a slide and barrel made from bar stock.
  6. The SR1911 barrel is not finish crowned.
  7. The SR1911 barrel hood to breach face gap was excessive on the one I handled.
  8. The SR1911 feed ramp is not machined wide enough for HPs or WCs. (Built to Ball specs.)
  9. The SR1911 recoil spring is 20 pound which is a bit heavy.
  10. The SR1911 chamber is not finish reamed or polished.
  11. The SR1911 slide stop is MIM. The slide stop lug makes contact with bullets as they pass through the magazine.
  12. The SR1911 grip safety (with memory bump) is MIM.
  13. The SR1911 thumb safety is MIM.
  14. The SR1911 hammer is MIM.
  15. The SR1911 sear is MIM.
  16. The SR1911 disconnector is MIM.
  17. The SR1911 hammer strut is a rough stamping and interferes with the sear spring and mainspring housing.
  18. The SR1911 barrel bushing clearance is excessive.
  19. The SR1911 serial number marking is shallow.
  20. The SR1911 has the ubiquitous Ruger truncated legal disclaimer billboarded on the gun. Why don't they just roll-mark "RTFM"?
  21. The SR1911 has a loaded-chamber indicator. (See legal disclaimer BS above.)
  22. The SR1911 has a low-mass titanium firing pin for a drop safety. (It could be replaced with a standard steel firing pin.)
  23. The SR1911 main spring is heavy (~25#) to compensate for the low-mass firing pin.
  24. The SR1911 has a heavy trigger. (Needs a trigger job. See 17, 22 & 23 above.)
  25. The SR1911 comes with two (Checkmate Industries) magazines, one 7 rd and one 8 rd.????? Why would they do that?
  26. The SR1911 is not a target pistol, but it does shoot groups that are combat accurate, minute-of-bad-guy.
  27. The SR1911 has a plunger tube integral to the receiver.
  28. The SR1911 does have a standard plug and GI guide rod.
  29. The SR1911 does have an internal extractor.
  30. The SR1911 does have wood grips.
  31. The SR1911 does have a Commander style ejector but the nose has been shaped with a downward angle as opposed to a rearward angle.
  32. The SR1911 magazine catch tends to trap the magazine when pressure is continued. To get the magazine to drop, some of the pressure needs to be released.
  33. The SR1911 is 100% American made!

I think the SR1911 is a good $600 gun that needs some work to be great!

I also think the additional $250 needed to get the SA Loaded is well spent!

Get her dirty, then clean her so she starts to respect you. When her trust is complete, she will serve you well for a lifetime!

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Yeah i own an SA loaded. Very VERY good gun. Also super reliable for me.
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