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Megaton 04-25-2009 05:57 PM

Springfield 'loaded coupon'
I just noticed that my milspec 1911 pistol came with a coupon that allows me to buy mags at a greatly reduced price. The standard 7 round (GI Im assuming) mags are only 9 bucks each, and 10 rounders are only 14.50.

Anybody have experience with these mags? Comments on quality? Its a ten mag max on each type of mag, I am considering picking up 10 7 rounders and maybe a couple 10 rounders.

Dillinger 04-25-2009 10:28 PM

I have a similar experience, but from Nighthawk. Their factory gun came with 2 mags, but they sent a coupon offer for ( 6 ) more mags for $99. These were top quality mags, endorsed by the manufacturer, and I jumped all over it. I never looked back.

If your factory gun shoots well with the factory mags, and you are buying the same quality mags, I would get as many as you could afford and keep them around.

Half the mags I bought got tried out once at the range for multiple runs, then were put back in the bags and stored in the safe for use later on.

Just my thoughts on this, but if the OEM is offering to sell them to you, they are probably pretty certain they will work well with the product they sold you. :D


Nomad 1 04-29-2009 01:02 AM

9mm version
Thanks for the feed back, Dillinger.

I too picked up a Springfield loaded (mine in 9x19mm) this weekend and came here with the same basic question as you. Glad to see an answer here allready.

I intend to order additional magazines. I did write Springfield to get clarification on the two dfferent 9mm magazines offered.

Again, thanks to both of you.:)

Nomad 1 07-28-2009 01:44 AM

Springfield offer

A quick update for you. I ordered three magazines for my 1911 in early May based on the promotional offer packaged with the pistol. They received the order on May 21. The mags shipped on July 21 and arrived on July 22. Looks like everyone in this business is BUSY. :rolleyes:

Anyway, despite the delay, they came through and the mags are top quality.

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