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billt 02-05-2012 02:34 PM

Springfield Loaded 1911 - Parkerized

I picked this one up the other day. I was actually going there to look at a Parkerized Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 Standard Model he had in stock. But after handling it and giving it a good once over it just didn't light my fire for some reason. It was a really nice pistol and all, but when I saw this Loaded Model my attention shifted to it.

It had the nicer Cocobolo grips, ambidextrous safety, along with the Novak style Trijicon Night Sights. All and all a much nicer package for not much more money, so I decided to go with it. This gun is very similar to my Range Officer, but better suited for carry with the Novak Night Sights.

I gave it a good cleaning when I got it home, and as you can see from the photographs, I also gave the Parkerizing a good oil soaking. I absolutely love Springfield 1911's. They really put a nice weapon together. The thing that really got me was the case it came in. This thing is built with every bit as much quality as a Storm or Pelican Model of the same size. It has all die cut high density foam for the pistol, holster, magazine holder, cleaning rod, as well as 3 cut outs for extra magazines.

It also has 2 holes that will accommodate a couple of nice size locks. About the only thing I noticed was that it had no O-Ring in the cutout along the edge. That isn't a problem because the local NAPA Auto Parts store by me has 5 MM O-Ring cord in 6' lengths for a couple of bucks. I'm going to pick up some and fit the case with an O-ring. I'm really surprised how they can offer such a nice case with the weapon. The older style blue cases my other Springfield 1911's came in are nice as well, but this one is much better. A similar Storm or Pelican Model in the same size is close to, if not over $100.00. I'm going to the range tomorrow, so I'll light it up then. If it shoots as well as my other Springfield's I'll be happy.

RecklessRegard 02-05-2012 03:54 PM

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors 1911...

I am trying to hunt down the same 1911. Great looking pistol. Congrats!

MrWray 02-05-2012 05:43 PM

That is a nice 1911, cant beat a good SA

GunRunner 02-05-2012 06:53 PM

That is a nice pistol.

billt 02-21-2012 11:47 PM

I had it out to the range today. It functioned perfectly. Before I went I field stripped it and greased the slide rails, and lubed it up really well. The gun came apart and went together with no headaches. No problems with an overly tight bushing, or poor fit anywhere. I was just using CCI Blazer Brass 230 Gr. FMJ loads. Both magazines supplied with the gun ran well, as did a couple Wilson Combat 8 rounders I brought along. I also took along 5 extra magazines that I bought from Springfield. They were the standard blued 7 round models. All fit the gun perfectly and ran well. The Trijicon Novak Sights were right on with a standard 6 O'Clock hold at 25 yards. I really like the sights on this gun. They acquire very easily, and even in bright Sunlight the dots stand out. The gun grouped well off a rest with 3 to 4 inch groups. For me with my eyes, I'll call that good.

I put a total of 200 rounds through the gun with no FTF's or FTE's. The gun cycled reliably through all 4 boxes of ammo. The CCI Blazer was a bit dirty, and after I got home I disassembled it and gave it a good wet cleaning. Afterward I relubed everything and it reassembled effortlessly. All in all it was a good day with no surprises. I couldn't be happier with the guns overall performance.

canebrake 02-22-2012 12:27 AM

bartwatkins 02-22-2012 06:45 PM

That is very nice indeed!!
I have the same exact gun but mine came in the older style blue plastic carry case. I totally agree that your newer style one is much, much nicer!!!

If you ever have the inclination - I measured the ID of my slide & the OD of my barrel with a pair of calipers and then sent these measurements to EGW and had them machine a precision fit barrel bushing. EGW is a very quality outfit and they even angle cut the inside of their bushings to match the slight angle of the barrel when it cycles and comes out of lockup during firing. I highly recommend this upgrade and doing so to mine, I have seen a very noticable improvement in accuracy!

rjgnwdc 02-24-2012 01:16 PM

That is a nice one the black finish looks good.

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