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AcidFlashGordon 04-08-2011 12:27 PM

Springfield Armory LOADED 1911-A1

I saw the ad for this little bit of Heaven in a gun mag, checked it out on the Springfield Armory site and decided I'd see if any of the local Las Vegas gun stores had it. We had a "weather day" at work yesterday so I drove my old arse over to Discount Firearms. Right in the gun display rack sat a Range Officer. I asked to see it, handled it, liked it, bought it on the spot. Came with 2 magazines, a phenolic holster and 2-place mag holder, bore brush and one of those little flame-orange flags for the chamber when it's unloaded. I wanted a 1911-A1 and this one filled the bill very nicely.

JonM 04-08-2011 12:33 PM

Congrats!!! You MUST give us a range officer reportwhen you shoot IT!!

General_lee 04-08-2011 12:39 PM

Springfield makes nice stuff, you'll be happy with it:D

CA357 04-08-2011 02:17 PM

Congratulations. Please get us a range report when you can.

KennyFSU 04-08-2011 02:26 PM

That's exactly what I'm looking for! Nice buy, mind if I ask what you paid for it?

RMP1394-RLTW 04-08-2011 06:25 PM

Is that a RO or a Loaded Model?

NGIB 04-08-2011 06:27 PM

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Originally Posted by RMP1394-RLTW (Post 482204)
Is that a RO or a Loaded Model?

Just noticed it has an ambi safety and fixed sights - it must be a Loaded. Here's a pic of the RO right off their website. Regardless, a Loaded is a great 1911...

AcidFlashGordon 04-09-2011 03:58 AM


Originally Posted by KennyFSU (Post 482088)
That's exactly what I'm looking for! Nice buy, mind if I ask what you paid for it?

Discount Firearms' price was $859. And as soon as I get off my arse this weekend and buy some ammo, I'll give it a runthrough and toss out a range report.

doctherock 04-09-2011 04:53 AM

I am green with envy. Nice piece of hardware you have.

AcidFlashGordon 04-09-2011 09:40 AM

After rechecking the Springfield site, I've realized that this IS the Loaded and not the Range Officer. I didn't look any farther than the diamond pattern handgrips which weren't shown on the Loaded on the Springfield site. Still, it IS a 1911-A1 which IS the weapon I did want. Sorry for the confusion and changed the post title to reflect which Springfield it really is.....

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