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Shihan 03-21-2011 11:35 PM

Spent Casings
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I recently bought a Springer Mil-Spec 1911, so I took it out and shot it a little to see how it would do. Shot 50 rounds and the only issue was one time the slide didn't lock back on last shot. Otherwise, it did fine.

My question is while looking at the spent casings I noticed an indentation in the side of all the brass. I am far from an expert and it may be absolutely nothing. Thought I would ask those that know.

Here are the pictures, give me your thoughts and suggestions.

Gatekeeper 03-21-2011 11:51 PM

The dent is from the brass hitting the rear of the port on ejection. No big deal.
The only time I ever had the slide fail to lock back, the culprit was the magazine's plastic follower was worn down where it pushes up on the slide stop.

Dillinger 03-21-2011 11:58 PM

Difficult to say, but I think that Gate is onto something and that your spent brass is hitting the slide on the way out of the weapon.

Cane or NGIB are the men to talk too, but I think your ejector spring might be brand spanking new and a little strong. I am no 1911 expert. I have the bare basics down, but I would ask one of them what they think.


Shihan 03-22-2011 12:31 AM

Well, The pistol did come from NGIB. I am sure it is fine. Just something I noticed.

JonM 03-22-2011 12:39 AM

the springer milspecs dont have ejector springs just the extractor and ejector. you might need to tune the extractor a scootch or the ejector might need a shave. whats happening is indeed the case hitting the rear of the ejection port. while its not an issue for a range gun i would have it corrected. it can lead to stove pipes on weaker ammo. or will for sure stove pipe the second you really need it :)

a gunsmith competent with the 1911 can fix it jiffy-quick.

if your cases are coming out with dents and dings of any sort you need an ejector/extractor tune. the reason lots of companies flare and lower ejection ports is it is easier/cheaper to enlarge the port than tune the extractor/ejector.

my colt series 70 new manufacture has the old style port the brass comes out dent free. on lower powered rounds or light weight bullets i start seeing cases that have wanged the port and are flattened on one end.

as you change bullet weights and powders and projectile speeds the way the gun throws cases will change. if this is a SD gun or will be used for one have it tuned to extract/eject your SD ammo.

danf_fl 03-22-2011 12:40 AM

I believe that is why one sees the ejection port "scalloped".
It is no big deal unless you reload. Dents will work harden in time.

How far were the casings ejecting out from you? If they were landing about 10 feet to your right rear, you should be okay.

Compare the recoil spring length to a new spring. If it is 1 in. or more shorter, then is the time to change.

Dillinger 03-22-2011 12:51 AM


Originally Posted by Shihan (Post 469888)
Well, The pistol did come from NGIB. I am sure it is fine. Just something I noticed.

If I remember the story, this is the pistol that went to someone, came back to NGIB and he checked a couple of things out before moving it. You might want to check with him.

Just a thought.


spittinfire 03-22-2011 01:28 AM

All of that brass is junk! You need to send it to me immediately!!

NGIB 03-22-2011 09:18 AM

I never looked at any of the brass when I shot it as I don't reload. The Mil-Spec does have a flared & lowered ejection port but it looks like the ejector may be striking the base of the case a tad early. It has a new recoil spring in it so I wouldn't worry about that as a cause. TBH, iff'n you plan to visit Bear again - I'd let him check it out and tune it up...

canebrake 03-22-2011 09:53 PM

If the mil-spec has a lowered ejection port it has to be the extractor, ejector or slide timing.

Check the spent brass for ejector and/or extractor witness marks.

If there is an ejector divot the slide speed is probably too fast. (New or too strong recoil spring?)

If there is an extractor scratch it is either holding the brass too tight,

or the claw/hook needs rounding.

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