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ak-77 12-03-2008 11:30 PM

Smith & Wesson 1911PD...How is it???
Hey All.

I just got a SW1911PD, that I haven't fired yet. Even if I did, I don't have much to compare it to, as I am new to shooting. I know the 1911 is almost a mythic pistol, so I figured I can't go wrong with one. For the folks that have shot this, what do y'all think about it?

CA357 12-03-2008 11:34 PM

I haven't fired one, but I think they look really good. S&W's Q.C. for their autos is supposed to have improved. I'll be interested in a range report after you shoot it. :cool:

Dillinger 12-03-2008 11:42 PM

Welcome to the Forum -

Did you get the Gunsite model? Or did you get the basic with the aluminum frame and steel slide?

Either one was a good choice. Depending on the price you paid, I would hope you got a good pistol for the price.

Normally I am not big on the steel slide, aluminum frame pistols, but the treatment on the aluminum of this stuff is supposed to be pretty strong. Something like a 440 steel or similiar, which is impressive.

I would be curious about the recoil. Lighter pistol, heavy load, how's the muzzle flip.

All in all, I think you probably got yourself a keeper, as long as you didn't get taken to the cleaners on the price. :D


ak-77 12-04-2008 12:09 AM

Without going home to check it out, I think it is the aluminum frame and steel slide. From the website:

Material: Scandium Alloy Frame/Carbon Steel Slide

It is the not the Gunsite Edition. I might have gotten took on the price, but oh well. My brothers friend ran on some hard financial times. My brother is like I am, we don't know a whole lot about pistols, but he knew I was thinking about getting a 1911. The prices I have seen in the shops here all run around $1k, with some going for around $1,400.00, so I bought it from from my brother's friend. It is about 1 month old, and I paid $850.00 for it, but came with 6 magazines, box of Hydra-Shoks, and had a trigger job done on it. Don't really know what he did to it though. I know someone else who had a Kimber 1911. Don't know the model, but it had a beige colored frame and he wanted $850.00 for that. Being kinda new to shooting, I went with what I've heard before, S&W. Reading the forums here, folks seem to like the Kimber, as I could hardly find anything on the S&W.

I plan on shooting this thing this weekend and seeing how it is.

Dillinger 12-04-2008 12:22 AM

Nearly new, 6 mags for $850.00? Trigger job is sketchy, done by a pro ( tuned to street or competition, with trigger pull gauge ) would be great. If the trigger job was done in the garage by your brother's friend, well, it could go either way. *shrug* If the mags are decent quality ( 47D - something like that ), I would say you got yourself one hell of a good deal.

*thumbs up*

Looking forward to a range report as well.


ak-77 12-04-2008 12:40 AM

Sweet. That is reassuring. I friggin dig it though. As soon as I saw it, I was in love. He got the trigger job done at a firearms dealer here in Alaska, Wild West Guns. 2 stock mags, 2 chip mccormicks, 2 wilson combat mags. One of the mags holds 10 rounds. The trigger almost has no slack on it. My Glock 23 has quite a bit of travel before it fires. This one is very touchy. That could be what he had done to it, I don't know as I am pretty much learning as I go.

Dillinger 12-04-2008 12:50 AM

If those be the facts, you got a really good deal. The Chip McCormicks go from about $13 to about $22, depending on where you are shopping, plus shipping.

Wilson Combat are the 47D I was talking about. Usually they go for $22, or higher, not to mention shipping.

Trigger job is an hour of shop time, $75/hr in my parts. I don't know what they charge up there in Alaska.

As a package I would have bought it, and I am a 1911 guy. :D

A proper street/carry trigger shouldn't have much slack at all, and then break like a glass rod around 3 to 4 pounds ( give or take depending on user and experience ).

Sounds like you definitely got a good deal. Now, get out to the range and get us a report and some pictures!


ak-77 12-22-2008 10:44 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Alrighty fellas. The weather was not going to warm up anytime soon, so I decided to freeze my ass off to finally shoot this thing. There are no indoor ranges here in and around Anchorage, AK. A little perspective. It was a clear day, no wind, and 4 degrees F. I took my 1911PD and a Glock 23. I'm a novice shooter, so I'm still working on my aiming, but I think I did pretty well. The target was at 10 meters, I would say closer to 11 meters. You might ask how someone in Alaska with some of the best hunting in the US is a novice at shooting...well, I don't hunt. My pops has never hunted and never had a gun in the house. I moved up here bout 5 years ago from Dallas, TX but got my first pistol up here. The S&W 1911 is my second gun. I shot Blazer?? 230 grain ammo for the 1911. It was the nonreloadable silver cases. For the Glock it was Winchester.

Pic Explanations. the pics are in order. A pic of my pistola, Pic 18, Pic 24, then Pic 30. The pic titled 18, is first time shooting the 1911. I shot 18 rounds. What was badass was that the first shot I fired was dead center in the bull's eye. I was pretty stoked. As a side note, I shot this bunch with gloves on. I took them off after this cause my accuracy was worse than it normally is.

The pic titled 24, was the second time I shot with the 1911. I hit the target 22 out of 24 shots. I'm a novice, so if I hit the paper anywhere, it counts :)

The Pic titled 30 is 30 rounds out of my Glock 23.

After these, I unloaded about more rounds with each gun, shooting at whatever was out there, then I had to leave. It was too cold be be outdoors. I couldn't feel my fingers between shootings, and had to reload the mags in my car. Putting ice cold bullets in the mags with numb hands is not easy. You can park your car directly behind your firing table.

Even in these freezing temps, the guns didn't jam once. Granted I didn't shoot much, but I figured the cold probably would make any jamming issue more apparent. Don't really know though. The muzzle flip was pretty much the same on both guns, but if I had to say which was more jumpier, I would say the Glock 23. I think being significantly heavier than the Glock helped out on the 1911.

canebrake 01-05-2009 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by ak-77 (Post 57015)
Alrighty fellas. The weather was not going to warm up anytime soon, so I decided to freeze my ass off to finally shoot this thing.

You have some big stones dude! Anything below 72F is considered a hard freeze down here. Most all ranges here are indoors and we complain they don't have the AC turned down far enough!

I'll bet you're a right strong side. Do you use a two hand grip?

Well at least you can shoot this coming summer, both days!


Korben7p3c 01-09-2009 11:47 AM

The below statement... that's exactly what my range paper is like too. I have found out though, that I've been watching the rear sites more than the front. Mistake #1. I know, I know, watch the front until the dot looks like it's the size of a golf ball. I'm gettin' better!

I'll bet you're a right strong side. Do you use a two hand grip?

Well at least you can shoot this coming summer, both days!


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