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Dearhunter 03-30-2013 02:36 AM

Shooting my Tisas 1911 review
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Spent about an hour at the shooting range this evening shooting my new Tisas 1911. Here are my comments.

Gun is well built with no sloppy fits. Trigger is excellent, crisp no slack and about a 4 pound pull. All safeties work fine. Shooting this gun was fun with not one FTF. I shot 100 rounds of three different brands of ammo. Factory sights were dead on target at 30 ft. After warming up getting use to the gun, I fired 5, then 5 more and had a group within three inches at 30 ft.

The recoil spring is very heavy. Takes more effort to pull slide to the rear, but it works well. The slide release takes a lot of downward pressure to release the slide forward, but worksl. Also takes little more effort to slap in the mag. ( I am use to my Colt Gold cup).

Over all, I like it and well worth the $399 I paid for it at Buds. Would I recommend this to others to buy, yep. I see no problem so far to make me say otherwise.

Everyone at the range wanted to hold it because of the grips I put on it.
I let others shoot it and everyone liked how it shoots. Photo below.
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towboater 03-30-2013 02:43 AM

Thanks for the review. Sounds like a winner to me.

Axxe55 03-30-2013 03:24 AM

very nice review Deerhunter. thanks for the heads up on this pistol. sounds like a winner to me and at $399, a definate bargain as well.:D

qwiksdraw 03-30-2013 03:56 PM

A guy next to me at the shooting range yesterday was shooting his for the first time. He was nice enough to let me check it out and shoot a magazine full through it (I did use my ammo and magazine). It is a very nice gun, the fit and finish looked good to me, nothing at all to complain about.

If you can't aim well with mil-spec sights then you might replace the rear sight with one that's easier to use. My eyes ain't as young as they used to be.

I thought the guy got a lot of gun for the money and it was fun to share in his enjoyment of the gun.

Axxe55 03-30-2013 06:13 PM

thanks Quikdraw. sounds like the Tisas might be a new player in the 1911 market. so far from what i have read here and from other sources, this might be a 1911 at a good value for either womeone wanting to get their first one or even a good candidate for a custom build.

i do have a question though and would like some feedback from those that own them. are they Mil-Spec in regards to their parts? would regular 1911 part work only requiring the normal possible minor fitting like any other 1911? just curious.

steadyshot 03-30-2013 06:25 PM

Interesting, sounds like a nice gun at a great price.

limbkiller 03-30-2013 07:05 PM

Typical 1911 Axe as all parts will work. Same as any mil-spec by other manufacturers.

Axxe55 03-30-2013 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by limbkiller (Post 1197000)
Typical 1911 Axe as all parts will work. Same as any mil-spec by other manufacturers.

thanks Limbkiller. from what i saw on their website i was pretty sure it was Mil-Spec, just wanted someone elses input.

rangerXLT91_05 04-10-2013 05:29 AM

I have been seriously considering one of these and all reviews I have found had nothing but good things to say, and I'm glad to see a post from a fellow member about it. The green springfield 1911 caught my eye at first, but this one is so much more affordable, also really like those grips you have haha

JayCody 10-17-2014 10:43 PM

Anyone know who Imports these?

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