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painted_klown 09-08-2008 03:25 AM

Ruger 22/45
Hello all. This question may be in the incorrect area but since it "sort of" relates to 1911 pistols I figured I would post it here. :)

On the Ruger website it states that the 22/45 .22lr rim fire MKIII pistol is similar to a 1911 in feel and ergonomic design. I was just wondering if any 1911 owners have used one of these pistols and can either confirm/deny this statement.

Thanks in advance.

hkusp45 09-08-2008 02:19 PM

I have a suppressed version built by MArk Serbu and I would say ergonomically it is similiar to a 1911 feel. It's a great gun and I've had no issues!

painted_klown 09-08-2008 07:51 PM

Cool, thanks for the info! :cool:

Dillinger 09-08-2008 07:57 PM

Well, I wouldn't say it's a 1911 clone, that's for sure.

While the grip may replicate the angle of a 1911 grip, the Ruger has always been notorious for little idiosyncrasies like having the mag release on the bottom of the handle and having more of a button slide release instead of a more traditional lever.

The Mark III also doesn't have the same type of trigger as a 1911. It has more of a traditional pistol "rocker style" trigger, where on the 1911 it's more of linear travel, so how much 1911 style training are you really looking for?

The price isn't bad, and I had a Ruger pistol for years when I was a kid that never missed a beat, but if you are looking for cheap 1911 style training, I would recommend against it honestly.

Any 1911 can get a conversion barrel & slide, along with a mag, to shoot .22 cal - which would be much better if simulation training is what you are truly after...


hkusp45 09-09-2008 02:04 AM

Another option might be a High Standard HD Military. The pistol was used by the military as a 1911 trainer for certain applications. I have one that was threaded for a can and it is by far my best .22. It is a solid chunk of steel and quite frankly they don't build guns like that anymore. You can find them on gunbroker from $300-$500 range depending on condition and you should be able to get a 95-98 percent one for about $425.00. I've shot a lot of .22's but that gun is my favorite hands down!

painted_klown 09-09-2008 02:22 AM

Thanks a lot for the great info J.D.!:D

As far as 1911 training goes, that wasn't really the idea behind my original question. It was more just out of curiosity regarding Rugers claims.:p I have shot the MKII version of a 22/45 and I really liked it a lot. Fun to shoot and easy to use. I was just thinking that if Ruger was correct in their claims then I would have a rough idea of how an actual 1911 pistol feels.

I enjoy the pistol and my local guy just got one in.....looks like I need to start saving for my first pistol. I have also been drooling over a Heritage rough rider (I know...I know...but revolvers are super cool and expensive) and a Hi-point 9mm (once again I know but I want a 9mm so bad I can taste it and a new one is just over $150.00. Perfect for my VERY limited budget)

Anyway I was reading another thread that mentioned that there are 9mm 1911 pistols available. Apparently the cost was rather prohibitive to a person of my financial means.:p
One of those would be super cool to own though....:cool:

Thanks again J.D.

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