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Navarre 10-15-2009 06:15 PM

Road Trip!
Gun shops are few & far between here in NW Florida, so on my day off I decided to travel to them & see what they had. I saw a few Colts, Para's, 1 or two S&W's & a lot of Kimbel and Taurus. Only three guns caught my attention and I wanted your opinion on them

1. Para SSP Gun Rights 1911. Slightly used for $749
2. Para Hi-cap Big Hawg 1911. New for $847
3. Charles Daly Used 1911. No markings but it looks like an M-5 Govt but it had either real ivory grips with black markings or fake ones. I couldn't tell. It looked good and was only $449

My favorite was the Big Hawg. That double capacity grip fit perfectly in my hand. It was mostly alloy instead of steel. Would that be a problem? The SSP looked awesome in stainless, but wasn't sure about the price. The Daly was priced nice but that had me worried about why it was so cheap.


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