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Gloves 04-24-2011 04:41 AM

Pre-Easter Range Report + Ammo Report
The wife has been itchin' to go to the range to work on her Glock sills and to
get the Mossberg sights dialed in for a wild pig hunt. I took the Kimber to get
a feel for the newly adjusted sights.

The wife has a major problem (it's not the Glock) She's cross-eye dominant.
This was the first time we tried to mechanically fix it. We put some medical
tape over her left eye (on the glasses) she did Great! Went from an 8"
mess at 7 yards to poking holes through playing cards without a miss! She
feels lot more confident.


I also said this was an Ammo report. I clicked on the USA ammo banner and
bought a sh*t-ton of their reloaded ammo hoping it was decent. It's better
that decent. I'm not able to tell the difference in quality from my PMC
Bronze rounds.

Also, all of the 9mm shot through the Glock was USA reloaded stuff. If it
were a competition, she'll use factory new stuff, but today it performed
better than we thought.

The Wife:


CA357 04-24-2011 04:50 AM

That sounds like a good day. That's a gaggle of dead playing cards. :cool:

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