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TexasPatriot.308 04-07-2010 01:29 AM

Para .45 G.I. Expert
just ordered me a new Para .45 G.I. Expert, dont know why, just had to have one, anyone out there own one, shot one? will pay around $550 for it, mid range 1911 so I know it aint a Kimber etc. things might get testy around here will all the illegals and the problems they bring with drugs crime and such, I aint gonna be short of firearms, got lots anyway, but then again, you can never have enough.....;)

colmustard 04-07-2010 01:54 PM

congrats on your purchase! I dont own one but almost bought one one! LOL, but i have heard nothing but good things from them, the only thing that rubbed me wrong was the plastic trigger(easy fix) but i am lazy lol. just for fun there is a video on you tube of some guys shooting a 1000 rounds through one without stopping(kinda a waste of ammo) but cool none the less! the malfuntions of any kind that i can remember, thats pertty impresive.Have fun with it and give us a range report, 'cause i am still thinking of getting one. and yes you can never haver to many firearms.:D

NGIB 04-07-2010 02:02 PM

A shooting buddy has one and it's turned out to be a decent entry level 1911. Not the flashiest but certainly a solid gun...

glock2740 04-08-2010 02:39 AM


mesinge2 04-24-2010 12:57 AM

Nice choice!

I have one. It has been totally reliable out of the box even with hollow points.
I would trust it as much as my Colts.
My only complaint is that the brass ejects directly into my forehead, :).

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canebrake 04-24-2010 01:23 AM


Originally Posted by mesinge2 (Post 275124)
My only complaint is that the brass ejects directly into my forehead.

I bet your extractor pressure is too high. Just tweak it a tad and you will find you can tune where your brass falls!

c3shooter 04-24-2010 01:53 AM

Not the same model as yours, but I recently bought an LDA C7/45, and have been VERY pleasantly surprised at how well it was made, and how well it shoots, and I distrust midget 45s.

DrumJunkie 04-24-2010 03:34 AM

I have yet to see Para Ord sell anything that was not a quality weapon. you should have a lot of good times with that 1911. The two I own and the many others I've got to be around were all fantastic weapons. Trying to talk a buddy out of a Tac Four now;):rolleyes:

BTW..Say Cane is right about the brass situation. My P16 used to do that until I got to tinkering a little. :)

TexasPatriot.308 04-27-2010 12:55 AM

about getting tagged in the forehead by an ejected round, as Homer Simpson would say "DOH!!!!". I got mine and it is plain and simple but I love it so far. with the BS in Arizona, more illegals will be headed to Texas and my name stands out on the internet for my beliefs, I am the only guy in my neighborhood that mows his lawn with a .45 or 9mm on his hip. damn, I wish our gov't would enforce its laws....:mad:

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