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fastfire 09-21-2012 02:35 PM

New 1911
I have just purchased my first full size 1911. A Sig Sauer GS 1911 45 BSS. I like Sig's for their quality, accuracy, and shoot ability. I brought the gun home disassembled it and gave it a good cleaning and oiling then went to the range. I ran a hundred rounds through it and was not disappointed at all. It is accurate, I usually shoot at 25 yards, has a decent to handle recoil and functions flawlessly. Nice gun. I am very pleased with my new purchase.

Olympus 09-21-2012 02:48 PM

Congrats. I'm a big fan of Sig 1911s. Post some pics when you get a chance.

CA357 09-21-2012 05:42 PM


GNXtreme 09-21-2012 05:44 PM

Congratulations! I looked at a bunch of sigs last weekend but ended up getting a Springfield instead... Love my 1911!

getem2011 09-21-2012 08:37 PM

You wont be disapointed! I have an stx and love it!

rebelcowboy 09-21-2012 09:01 PM

Congratulations the sigs are nice I have a Springfield 1911 and have shot the sig good choice

canebrake 09-21-2012 09:12 PM

Welcome to the brotherhood.

Great purchase, enjoy it!

tacticalfun 09-21-2012 09:12 PM

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Congrats ;)

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wayno148 09-22-2012 01:44 AM

Congrats and enjoy!

fastfire 09-22-2012 02:39 PM

I do have a 45 acp, a Kimber ultra crimson carry. I have had it for 18 months or so. It is a very fine gun and I do carry. The Sig is my first full size 1911. I have shot and carried a Colt 1911 many years ago in the Army. As an Armor crewman/ tank commander we were all issued the Colt 1911 with the normal "flapped" shoulder holster. (Must be a throw back to General Patton). It had been so long ago I forgot how large this gun is. Now that winter is fast approaching here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota I may start to carry this beast. All in all I do love this gun and really love shooting it. Now to learn how to reload so I stop spending $$$$ on ammo.....

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