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Flint Rock 11-09-2009 01:40 AM

Mamma's and babies
Here are some family pictures.

Dillinger 11-09-2009 01:43 AM

Very nice collection Brother. I have to ask, which one is your FAVORITE though?


Flint Rock 11-09-2009 01:47 AM

My favorite is a red headed stepchild,
a 9mm 1911.

Dillinger 11-09-2009 01:50 AM

Oh? :eek: That wouldn't be a NIGHTHAWK by any chance, is it? :cool:

Nighthawk for THE WIN!!!


Flint Rock 11-09-2009 01:54 AM

That's a 9mm Dominator above.
Below is it's big brother.

Dillinger 11-09-2009 01:57 AM

What caliber is your baby talon?

Flint Rock 11-09-2009 02:06 AM

The light carrying Talon is a 45 ACP. Of note is the bushingless bull barrel, that combined with the weight of the Recon frame turns full house defense loads into soft recoiling target loads. The Talon has been through 1000's of rounds and I do not recall an issue. The 9mm Dominator is only a couple of weeks old and has only seen around 500 rounds, but no issues with it either.

Dillinger 11-09-2009 02:17 AM

Nice. I "had" a full size GRP and a 4.25" T3 carry piece. Both were amazingly accurate and performed flawlessly.

Damn boating accident. Skull knows the story. :rolleyes:

canebrake 11-14-2009 01:01 PM

I like family albums!

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