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JoshX3Magazine 06-19-2009 05:05 AM

Made the Switch to .45!!
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Well I warned everyone...or maybe everyone warned ME.

Today the switch has offically been made to .45. I found a good deal on a Colt Commander in stainless steel and went for it!

I love this thing!

Now if only anyone around here actually stocked enough ammo to sell me more than one box at a time...

Can't wait to scour the local stores and find some ammo that ISN'T Golden Sabres so I can actually shoot it at the range. I'll let everyone know how that goes soon as I find ammo.

::EXCITED!:: :)


CA357 06-19-2009 05:41 AM

Congratulations. 1911's are a classic for a reason.

JoshX3Magazine 06-19-2009 05:59 AM

Thank you sir! And I definitely agree. The .45 is a warrior that keeps getting better with age.

M14sRock 06-19-2009 06:33 AM

Nice choice for a first .45. Range report, soon?

Stealie 06-19-2009 06:37 AM

Congrats on an eccelent first 1911. Be warned you cannot have just one.;)

Gojubrian 06-19-2009 07:16 AM

Nice .45!!

I was going to get a 1911 in .45, but the same thing around stinkin' ammo!! It's ridiculous!!! The local armory has a few, but theirs is cheap crap priced higher than whitebox winchesters!! :mad:

For now, I'll stick to .40's. I can find .40 ammo daily. :)

A friend of mine just got a taurus pt1911, but has yet to find ammo to try it out. That's just nuts.......:rolleyes:

JoshX3Magazine 06-19-2009 08:38 AM

Thanks for all the positives, guys!

I'm really excited about making the switch (could you tell?) and to be honest it's sitting right here next to me right now and has been since I bought it. :)

I'll definitley put together a range report on this thing once I find some ammo more...shall we say more target shooting and breaking the weapon in.

Speaking of range reports, I feel like I ought to do one for the GSG-5 I got recently. I FINALLY got to shoot it and get my red dot sighted in and woo hoo that sucker's nice!

Take care everyone!


spittinfire 06-19-2009 01:05 PM

Nice purchase! I can help you with ammo. Local Dick's just got several cases. UMC 230gr FMJ, $18.99 or 19.99 per 50. If you cover the cost I can ship it to you. I can only buy 5 at a time though. PM me if interested.

Jo da Plumbr 06-19-2009 01:26 PM

Nice lookin pony there Josh. Good luck on the bullet hunt. I was told there will be a case of 45s coming into my local dealer this morning. If so I'm taking the rest of the day off to go buy as much as they'll let me have. They say it will be gone by the time I would normaly get off the job.

Dillinger 06-19-2009 02:29 PM

Very nice addition. However, we tried to tell you, now that you have been biten by the 1911 bug, you are going to see your other pistols relegated to safe queens and more 1911's are going to start showing up at your house. :D

Looking forward to some pics and your range report.


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