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pvanosta 05-08-2011 11:08 PM

Loking for comparo / opinion on SIG 1911 vs. Dan Wesson
I've been shopping around for a 1911 to add to my little collection.
I had a semi-custom 1911 10 years ago built by an ex-Wilson Combat gunsmith in his spare time. I sold it 3 years ago when I wasn't shooting as much and regretted letting it go ever since.

Now I find the landscape of the 1911 world a little changed upon my return. The guns that pique my interest right now, are the Dan Wesson (which everybody seems to rave about in terms of quality and tightness) ad the various SIG 1911s (my P-220 has been my favorite side arm for 25 years and I have always liked and trusted SIG quality).

When it comes to 1911s, I gladly defer to those more knowledgable than myself.
So: in the $900-$1400 bracket, what has been your experience with either or both of these brands of 1911s? Likes/dislikes? Surprises good or bad?

Normally I'd find a good Dan Wesson and be done with it. But I'm in California and some of these guns are not easy to come by. At the same time, one f my local dealers has a SIG 1911 Tactical R at a reasonable price.
So my basic choice is: source a Dan Wesson online and go through the FFL transfer hassle, or get the SIG locally?

All opinions/comments/feedback are welcome.

danf_fl 05-08-2011 11:19 PM

I wish I could help. I have some experience with the DW's, but never a Sig.

Should you want to get parts for the DW, Ed Brown parts seem to fit with minimal fitting.

pvanosta 05-08-2011 11:29 PM

Thank you.
I'll take whatever experience you ca share. Which DW's do you have (or used to have)? What did you think of them?

Dillinger 05-08-2011 11:31 PM

The Sig is a nice pistol. And it's Kali Kompliant which helps your cause. I think out of the box it's a better pistol than a bone stock DW.

Having said that, the DW are easier to fit parts, or should I say put parts into with "minimal" fitting by qualified 'smiths.

No $1,000 1911's are perfect, but easy changes like going with quality mags, and running them for a bit to break them in is going to help.

I bought a Kimber Custom II for less than $1K and it ran like a champ, even with factory mags.

The most important feature in any 1911 purchase is that YOU handle it, test it for fit, feel and function/tightness. If possible, test fire it and see if it performs.

Given your situation, I would go and manhandle the Sig and see what YOU think about it.


Olympus 05-09-2011 12:16 AM

I wouldn't recommend one of the older Sig 1911s. They had quite a bit of quality control issues in the beginning.

Of the two you mentioned, I would recommend a Dan Wesson. The guns are fit to extremely tight tolerances. My father in law has a Sig and it's a good gun, but I wouldn't put it on the same quality level as a Dan Wesson.

If $1400 is your limit, I would look at the Kimber Gold Match. Depending on how many options you want, you could even order a semi-custom from Fusion for about that price. I priced one with all the bells and whistles and some of expensive customizations and the total came out to $1800.

You can also look into the Springfield TRP or Trophy Match. Just some other options...

danf_fl 05-09-2011 12:19 AM


Originally Posted by pvanosta (Post 500943)
Thank you.
I'll take whatever experience you ca share. Which DW's do you have (or used to have)? What did you think of them?

Guardian Duce, Patriot, and now C-BOB in 10mm.

And I believe that DW is trying to get the CA certified.

Olympus 05-09-2011 01:05 AM

My understanding is that the CBOB is only sold in California, so there's one for sure.

tmoore912 05-09-2011 02:38 AM

I like the Dan Wessons. I have a blackened CBOB that is a great EDC for me. One of the things I don't like about the SIG 1911 is the Slide has a non-traditional shape to it, which makes it difficult to find a properly fitting holster. It will not fit a lot of the 1911 holsters out there.

pvanosta 05-09-2011 02:57 AM

Thank you all.
My SoCa gun dealer did not indicate that DW was not available in CA.
He just said they were rare and every time he got one, it was gone as soon as it arrived.

Olympus 05-09-2011 12:21 PM

Yes, the DWs can be difficult to locate. Create an account at Bud's online and add some DWs to your wish list. It will send you an email notification when they become available. Unless you have a really good friend at a gun shop, I've found that even with shipping, Bud's is usually one of the better deals you'll find.

Good luck with the search and let us know what you end up with.

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