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Ernest Emerson 05-15-2009 09:18 PM

The Les Baer/Emerson CQC-45 Project
Now that the Super Secret Project is no longer secret some thanks are in order. First, I would like to thank Roy Huntington for his enthusiasm, encouragement and efforts in helping bring this from inception to creation.

Second, my thanks to Les Baer and all of his crew for having the faith that this was a viable endeavor and for faithfully executing all my requests. Mind you, Les Baer knows more about 1911ís in his little pinky than Iíll ever know in a lifetime and it certainly shows in his guns. Iíll never forget him saying ďErnest, this is going to be fun.Ē And Iím thinking ĒMan, Iím talking to Les Baer, how cool is that?Ē

Third Iíd like to thank Craig Sword from Mil-Tac. Craig is a true gentleman and I am proud to call him my friend. As you know Craig makes some of the finest gun grips in the business, and he took the time on many occasions to answer my questions, talk about grips and get us material from his own stock when we were in a jam. If you donít already have a set of Craigís Mil-Tac grips, you should.

I would also like to thank Harry Humphries and Denny Chalker for being the first ones to instruct me in the care and feeding of John Browningís wonderful, magnificent, timeless, masterpiece. And along the way there have been so many others who have graciously given their time and advice to me, and all of whom I now count as friends and family, Scottie Reitz, John Hollister, Hilton Yam, Marc Semos, and Craig Huber, to name a few.

We are building all the grips for the Les Baer/Emerson pistol and will also be building custom grips with our skull logo and a variety of other designs that weíre going to offer. All of this will be offered under our Emerson Gunslinger Gear Brand and, in addition we will be offering our custom titanium lug wrench/bottle opener and a variety of other accessories, that we will be adding as they are developed.

Over the years Iíve had a lot of great guns yet nothing ever replaced the 1911 in my book. Iíve had loosey goosey, combat guns, highly worked custom models and Iíve loved them all, for all of their quirks, differences, and personality traits. One of the guns Iíve always wanted was a Les Baer custom and now, finally, I have one and it has my name on it. The Les Baer/Emerson CQC-45 debuting at this weekend NRA Show. I hope you like this gun as much as I do. Oh yeah, thereís an Emerson Knife to boot.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson
Emerson Knives, Inc.

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