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katsumushi 03-29-2010 10:20 PM

Kimber and Colt
Just purchased a Kimber Ultra Carry II in stainless w/night sights and a Colt 1911 Government Rail Gun this weekend.
Shot both at the range and all I can say is Wow. Both pistols performed flawlessly and had no issues of any kind. Shot 200 rounds to get the feel of a 1911 again and both are sweet.

Gojubrian 03-29-2010 10:38 PM

Very nice! Nothing like the trigger of a 1911. :cool:

lonyaeger 03-29-2010 10:41 PM

Great choices both. Congratulations!

Gojubrian 03-29-2010 10:53 PM

Well, someone needs to post a pic! :D

riggergreg 03-30-2010 01:30 AM

One Colt, One Kimber. Great Choices. Me too...

doctherock 03-30-2010 01:53 AM

those guns are beautiful fellas. One day when the kids are all gone i shall buy one of each, unless Obama screws me first...

canebrake 03-30-2010 02:12 AM

How To Post Pics on FTF << Click Here

doctherock 03-30-2010 02:14 AM

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Will live with my xd40 for now

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