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Quentin 08-26-2010 01:52 AM

Just got a Llama MiniMax-II 45ACP
Anybody know anything about the MiniMax-II?

I've always liked Llamas and a guy here in town was selling a MiniMax-II 45ACP in stainless steel. Did some Googling and read a lot of bad things about the MiniMax but went to look at it anyway.

Gotta say I was impressed, it's a good size with the 3.5" barrel, the fat grip fits like a glove and it's built like a tank so I bought it for $250 including three 10rd double stack mags, the original box, manual/paperwork and a Milt Sparks inside belt holster. Field stripped pretty much like my Colt Government Model and all the parts looked fine. I feel pretty good that this thing will work at least with FMJ. And after all IT IS A 45ACP!

I know these things don't sell for much but I'll probably never see another this nice. The guy said he got it for his wife years ago and it was too much for her. He said it shot fine and I believe him since he was an upfront type of guy. He thought about keeping it but already had a Para Ordinance and right now needed the money more.

Of course since it's not a true 1911 and Llama closed their doors, the main concern is parts but I've heard some Para Ordinance parts are close and from what I can see you could modify some standard 1911 parts as well. The slide, frame and barrel look tough. This is not like my pantywaist Star PD with the aluminum frame, this thing weighs about the same as my Colt!

I've heard the MiniMax has trouble with HPs but if it feeds ball reliably I'll be happy at this price. I can't wait to try her out!

Here's a couple pictures:

(the funny strip hides the serial number)

Quentin 10-02-2010 05:48 AM

Kinda put this Llama on the back burner for a month but finally took it out to the desert this morning. First time I've fired it and it worked 100% with two of the 10rd mags and was more accurate than I expected. Just plinked today but very encouraging. I'm pleased with the 3-dot sights too.

The third mag that came with the gun works great for the first 8 rounds but has problems chambering the last two rounds as the slide closes on an empty chamber. Happened two of three times starting with a full mag but never with the other two mags so this one must have a weak spring.

Anyway, we put 100 rounds down range with no problems that were gun related, just that one magazine.

Nice gun, good heft, very controllable recoil and just the right size. I'm now a fan of Llama!

danf_fl 10-02-2010 07:32 AM

Nice looking piece. On feeding HP ammo, that can be taken care of. Most tricks that work for the 1911 should apply to your Llama.

As with a shorter 1911, change the springs on a regular basis.

DrumJunkie 10-02-2010 10:08 AM

They are pretty good little pistols. The down side is many standard 1911 parts wont work on them. I think some from Star will though.

Drriley 10-02-2010 01:09 PM

I've had one for a long time and the only problems have been mag related.
I had 2 Promag mag's have the same problem you describe. Promag replaced them
under their lifetime warranty @ the time but do not carrry (make?) the MAX II mag anymore.

I've still use the original Llama mag and have no problems. I use FMJ, but that's good
for everything.

Like you, I always heard a lot of bad talk about the Llamas, but I like them.

Sarge43 10-02-2010 04:42 PM

That's interesting. I don't think you went wrong for $250 if it shoots well and you enjoy it.

Quentin 10-02-2010 07:12 PM

Thanks for the info guys! It's not as smoothly finished as higher regarded brands and has a few cosmetic dings but for the money I can't complain since it is a 45ACP that works well.

I understand a few years back when Llama was going under the MiniMax-II could be found for $250 NIB. I never kept up on Llama after shooting a couple full size ones in the '70s so missed out. Sorry I missed that but happy to stumble across one now. This is much better than the Star PD I bought 25 years ago which couldn't take the pounding and beat your hand up as well. This one is as easy to handle as my Colt Series '70 Government Model.

I've heard some complaints about the quality of Spanish steel but it sure looks good to me. Roughly brushed but tight clearances and solid. I think it can handle the standard ball ammo I'll feed it.

It sure liked the cheap Federal 230 grain FMJ at Walmart. Also my Hi-Power and 1913 Luger which often is picky loved Walmart's Federal 115gr FMJ 9mm and my Colt/Walther M4 .22LR gobbled up Federal 550 value pack. The Federal Walmart sells is pretty darn good ammo for the money.

DrumJunkie 10-03-2010 12:10 PM

The Llama's are pretty inexpensive. But most the time with a little time and TLC they end up being pretty nice little pistols. :) The last Llama MiniMax-II I seen on gunbroker went between 325 and 500.00. And those where not stainless.

perryinjax 03-10-2012 05:18 AM

Good for you!
Wow Quentin, you got a nice deal on that piece. I have had Two of the Stainless Llama Mininax pistols, both were the same stainless steel version as yours and I never had any trouble out of either of them. I LOVED the gun, sold my first one and missed it so bad I bought another, and it ended up getting stolen :-(
I miss it very badly and have been watching the online Gunauctions for a full year now and have never seen one at that price, especially in the stainless, which IMO is the only way to go in that model. I am very happy for you to find such a good deal on such a nice weapon. It is very easily concealable, shoots great, and feels so comfy in the grip.
I love the knockdown power of the .45 compared to the larger, harder to conceal, and more expensive 9mm GLocks and such.. I dont care if Llama is not highly thought of, I LOVe it and am glad to see you appreciate a good thing when you see it... and I am so jealous of the $250 price you paid, with extra mags too! Wow, cool deal. Hopefully I will find a deal like that soon, preferably her locally to save on the FFL and shipping fees associated with online auctions. You were fortunate to grab that deal and that is so great!
Good luck and be safe,
Perryinjax YouTube channel

perryinjax 03-10-2012 05:27 AM

Great deal at $250
I am very happy for you and I think you will like that pistol very much, as I have owned two and LOVED them both, comfortable grip, straight shooter, and easily carried, all with the knock down power of .45! A great little gun IMO.
From looking at your pics it appears to have been well taken care of too!
Have fun and be safe, :)
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