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I'm reading that 1911s aren't worthy service pistols.

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Virtually any popular pistol has either served in battle, used by numerous police departments or both. They all are good guns and as reliable as a man made object can be.

My knock with the 1911 is I have never shot one with fixed sights that I could actually use the rear sight. Putting adjustable rear sights on a 1911 can make them hard to carry. Not to mention the safety system built into the grip. My brother and my uncle both carry 1911's of different flavors. They both are unarmed quite often because they are not dressed to carry their gun. They claim pocket pistols are inaccurate and unreliable. Any pocket pistol is more accurate and reliable than pointing your finger and saying "pow!"

The reason I like the G19 so much is it fits me. When I say fits me I don't mean just my hand. When I carry the G19 it fits my body. The grip sits above my hip. Like many of us I have developed a spare tire over the years. I can lay down on the couch on top of the G19 and go right to sleep. When it is that comfortable and easy to carry a gun you will carry it most of the time. Yes, I have a pocket pistol in the event I am not dressed to carry the Glock.
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i prefer the safety in the grip. i refuse to carry a glock because it lacks any safety at all. the trigger dong is not a safety. same reason i wont carry or own a M&P.

i like the xdm a lot because of the grip safety its a huge asset to know that unless i am holding the gun properly its not going off regardless of what gets into the trigger guard.

i carry a DA/DA because of the capacity and the long DA pull prevents foreign objects from activating the trigger.

i have spent time carrying in nasty conditions where stuff gets into the holster and trigger guard EVEN using a M9 bianchi flap holster. so the grip safety does what its supposed to do prevent the gun from firing unless the user has a proper grip and is in control of the firearm.

its a feature browning didnt want and im soooo glad the army was wise enough to over ride that poor decision. browning was a firearms genius but he didnt get everything right in the original version. thats why there is an A1 and other modifications.
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Default The World Abounds in Silly; not all constructive...

A service pistol has one real requirement: To be ready at all times for personal defense. I suppose one can make a case for an 'offensive' use, in house clearing or tunnel work, but the main purpose is personal defense. One does not intentionally use a pistol as a primary weapon in an assault. Now the rumor is the Government Model in .45 ACP is insufficient for this purpose. One also reads the Bible isn't trustworthy. Or that Democrat care about 'the people'. One reads all sorts of silly things on the internet and even in person from those who specialize in ignorance and call it 'inside information'.

The Government Model was used by the Armed Forces of the United States for a bit over seventy years as the standard service pistol. Additionally, it is one of very few pistols still being manufactured in more or less original format for over one hundred years. (The others being the Smith & Wesson double action revolver, and the Colt Single Action Model P. There are probably some others, but I cannot recall them.)

The Government Model does have some limitations, especially for semi-trained shooters. The 'cocked and locked' nature of the beast lends itself to negligent - 'premature'? - discharges if the shooter is not on top of the matter. The .45 ACP cartridge can be a bit intimidating in recoil - usually 'perceived' rather than 'absolute' recoil - to an inexperienced shooter.

Is it the only 'useful' service weapon sidearm? Probably not. There are others that seem to suffice. I carried a Glock for several years, the result of my agency deciding I should. It was 'okay'. It did well enough; I qualified with it and it was reliable. I was less than impressed with the 9x19 round; and the gun has all the personality and 'soul' of a mass produced hammer. But it is okay.

Still, I favor a Government Model. I rather feel most adequately prepared with such a device. My second choice would be a classic era K frame Smith & Wesson in .357 Magnum. Others may do as they feel suits them.
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Matter of fact, the grip size alone is a big factor. People with short fingers often prefer a 1911 to a Glock or a SIG, for that reason.
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