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Originally Posted by Olympus View Post
You can buy any standard 1911 and take it to a gunsmith to have the frame bobbed to get that "rounded" look like you like on the Smith. The bobtail is getting more and more popular, but as of right now there are no budget models with a bobbed frame.

Here is a before and after of an inexpensive Metro Arms American Classic Commander that I bought and had customized. I had the frame bobbed like you seem to want.

Turned out very nice! I bet that set you back a pretty penny. Very nice though...
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Originally Posted by Stillersfan View Post
Turned out very nice! I bet that set you back a pretty penny. Very nice though...
Actually it was pretty inexpensive considering all the work that went into it. I think I have less than $800 in the whole gun. Can't buy anything like that out of the box for that kind of money. It pays to have a good gunsmith.
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The American Classic is 100% pure 1911 magic.

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Well a new MSH will get most of that other then the frame work that they cut the edge of the frame off that will work in any 1911. I like the looks of the new "e" series snake skin I call it

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Originally Posted by DodgeThis View Post
Ok. Yeah. That's what I mean. Alright, so I'm virtually mentally handicapped in 1911 talk, but operating them a different scene. But if you look up the e series you'll see exactly what I'm after.
I think you answered your own question. With that statement chiseled in stone, nothing, and I mean NOTHING will fill those shoes!

Here's your only solution, buy a RIA Commander and shoot the snot out of it! Get really good with the platform and go ahead and make a few comedic improvements to make it yours. Open a savings account at your bank or credit union and deposit 25-50$ per payday and call it your "Dream Gun" fund. NOTE: I didn't call it the S&W E-Series Commander fund for a reason. By the time you have saved up the cash-bucks to buy your "Dream Gun" that dream will have changed several times! Trust this old man on this one.

Who knows, you may end your wonder-lust with a perfectly good RIA and have started a nestegg fund for that reloading bench or a new Camaro!


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Originally Posted by Overkill0084 View Post
...FWIW, I would steer you toward an STI Spartan IV if you wish go forward with this. http://www.stiguns.com/the-sti-spartan-iv/ The Spartan is Rock Islands American Cousin. An ARMSCOR (Rock Island) frame & Slide w/ STI internals. Run the numbers with a good gunsmith and see if it's worth it.
It's always puzzled me as to why STI's are not mentioned much in these forums. Are they that esoteric?

They make awesome pistols that seem to bridge that gap between mass-produced assembly line 1911's, and expensive customs, in terms of price and refinement.
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I have some of the guns mentioned in this thread so have a basis for comparison. RIAs and American Classics are excellent guns and very well made for their price point - but for ME they are awfully heavy and even the mid-sized or compact models would be too heavy for every day carry. The same applies to the STI Spartan IV which is rapidly becoming my least favorite gun. ( well made but I don't shoot it well). My favorite carry is the Colt Talo CCO followed closely by the Colt Defender - both are exceptionally well made, accurate, and lightweight.

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One trick to save for your next purchase.

Put every $5 bill somewhere, but don't spend them. In a short while, there is enough to purchase your dream gun.


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I just bought a Kimber Stainless Raptor Pro ii. Absolutely love it. Very well made and a gorgeous pistol.

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Thanks guys for all your opinions. I will definately listen to what all of you have told me. Cane, I can see you being right about it changing over time. However, right now I do believe with all the STUPIDITY going on (Conn. school shooting, etc.) I will hold off on worrying with a 1911. I am working right now on stocking up on ammo for one day (that may or may not come) when a new gun/ammo band takes affect. At least I'll know that they can't stop me from having ammo if its already in the ol cabinet. Once all the B.S. settles back down with the anti-gun morons, I'll hopefully be well stocked and can focus on the 1911 again.

'Tis better to have and not need than to need and not have !!!
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