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SGT-MILLER 08-21-2009 02:17 PM

I AM PISSED!!!!! (rust on my Kimber barrel)
I've owned the Kimber for just about a week now, and I have shot it once. I gave it a real detailed cleaning, and I know how to clean firearms (I do it all the time at work and at home).

I take the Kimber out of the case, and there's rust on the f*cking barrel!!!!!! WTF!!!!!

I went online and did a search, and noticed that this is a common problem with Kimber. Google "Rust on Kimber" and check out the myriad of responses.

I'm about two seconds away from taking the pistol back, getting my money back and purchasing something like a Springfield XD-45. At least, I know for a fact the XD line won't let me down!!!!!!

WTF is wrong with Kimber making people pay 700 dollars or more for a 1911 that will rust in a week or less if you don't keep it in a super moisture free chamber, and only handle it with gloves????

A 1911 is supposed to be tough, and last forever. My RIA did better than this!!!!

:mad: :mad: :mad:

cpttango30 08-21-2009 02:20 PM

Mine has it too.

Doesn't affect how it shoots. and no one sees the barrel. just keep it oiled up and you'll be ok.

I guess a little rust and the fact that they forget to finish the frame I would send it back too.....

CA357 08-21-2009 02:22 PM

This is not good. What are you going to do?

SGT-MILLER 08-21-2009 02:26 PM

I could see this on an entry-level 1911, but for cryin out loud, I have found reports of people spending over 1000 dollars on their Kimber, just to discover some rust a couple of days later.

Maybe I'm alone on this, but I feel a firearm should not rust before the fist week of ownership is done. I liked to think of my Kimber as my investment piece, and something I could rely on if the SHTF.

Now I can't do that, because as long as I keep it, I will be worrying that if I take it out in the elements for 2 seconds, I'll have to spend and hour dunking it in oil to keep the rust away.......

When I had my RIA 1911, it didn't rust, and I kinda treated that one like sh*t for a little

I'm thinking the Kimber is going away with a quickness, and I'm going to get another .45 to replace it. It may be a Springfield XD .45 Tactical, I'm not sure.

NGIB 08-21-2009 02:35 PM

I hear this a lot sorry to say. It won't affect the function as Tango said but it sucks that a $700 gun has these "weaknesses". My only Kimber is a 1st series, from 97, that does not have these issues...

cpttango30 08-21-2009 03:15 PM

Call the factory and see what they say. I am telling you you won't be disappointed by keeping that kimber.

Guns are made to be used not sit around and look pretty.

spittinfire 08-21-2009 03:29 PM

This is not good news....I am a concerned by this information.

SGT-MILLER 08-21-2009 03:44 PM


Call the factory and see what they say. I am telling you you won't be disappointed by keeping that kimber.

Guns are made to be used not sit around and look pretty.
That is absolutely correct. They aren't supposed to rust in record time either....

I figured it out. My Kimber developed a rusted barrel in three, that's right, three days!!! That's in dry conditions, and being maintained and cleaned very well!!!

I wasted 700 dollars on a pretty 1911 that rusts with a quickness. The last thing I want is a gun that I have to take care of like a child.

I called around and one store has an XD 45 tactical with all the bells and whistles for 550 dollars. I may be switching out .45s here shortly.

Kimber is an EPIC FAIL to me!!!!!!!!

I don't care what brand it is. Rust like that is unacceptable, especially in a 700 dollar weapon.

dunerunner 08-21-2009 03:50 PM

Miller....Drop-In 1911 Barrels

Dillinger 08-21-2009 03:58 PM

I have taken my Kimbers all over the US and never had the issues you are talking about. :eek:

My .460 Rowland is built on the very first Kimber I ever purchased, so that is close to 8 years old.

Sorry to hear about this - this is the first I have heard, or seen. I was never out googling for a condition that I didn't know existed.

I would contact Kimber and see what their response is. Perhaps it was a line of steel / contractor / whatever they no longer use and there is a warranty recall or something already in place?? *shrug*

I don't know - I clean all my pistols with an Ultrasonic tank, maybe that is why I never had an issue.

When not on my person, they are kept in a climate controlled safe, but I only had the plastic case and the room safe when I was traveling on the road for all those years.

Maybe I got three lucky models??

Sorry to hear Sarge - Contact Kimber and see what they say....


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