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Joshua M. Smith 12-12-2008 04:54 PM

How Wide Do You Like Your Thumb Safety?

I've been wondering this.

On your carry 1911, how wide do you prefer your thumb safety to be?

I carry mine trimmed down

to prevent snags and such, but I got to thinking that in a tense moment it may be easy to miss something that skinny, so I've been debating about going to a wider right side paddle (I'm a lefty).

The width would likely be Wilson's high ride. This is a Wilson that's installed, and rather than fitting a new safety, I figure I could pretty much "plug'n'play".

However, I only almost missed the safety once when drawing on a rabbit (still go the rabbit, and a few more, with some SWC rounds I have laying around. Rabbits are good for the reflexes I'm finding, and they're good in stew, too :) ).

Though I almost missed it once in literally thousands of draws, it got me to thinking about maybe I should go a little wider. If it snags, I can take it down until it doesn't.

What do you think? Worth the time and money? Or is this width about right for carry, in your opinion?


Josh <><

P.S. I do ride the safety, but my thumb stays up there just fine, just a minor consideration. J.S.

sweet45 12-14-2008 12:50 PM

I've tried Ed Browns and wilsons extended and even reshaped them, but for me I always go back to the factory Colt safety. They fit my thumb just right,and I don't have to worry about engaging the safety when shooting.

canebrake 01-06-2009 02:41 AM

Wilsom Combat Tactical Thumb Safety

Takes some fitting but it's worth the effort.


stalkingbear 01-06-2009 06:46 PM

Since you're a southpaw, just use wide safety on that side only, if you do go with wider safety.:eek: It sounds like you're WAYYYY better shot than I'll EVER DREAM to be if you're consistantly hitting running rabbits with an 1911 .45. It takes me an Ruger 10/22 to be able to hit them on the run, usually more than 1 shot too.

Joshua M. Smith 01-06-2009 08:12 PM


The idea is to draw and shoot before they run. That's the "exercise."

I have never hit a running rabbit with a handgun.

Josh <><

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