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criticalplinking 05-16-2011 07:18 PM

Help me spend my $.. lol
Okay so I'm sure this has been answered before, but the forum search function does not work properly on my phone, and i've skimmed through a fair amount of threads here and other random forums from google searches and haven't been able to find one that answers my exact question. That being said, my apologies if this post makes those who reply sound like broken records. I'm looking to buy not only my first 1911,but my first firearm, period. I've shot about 15 different handguns in the past 3 months, and after shooting the 1911 and reading up a bit on these forums, I have to have one. Now the gun i shot was a Springfield Armory chambered in 45ACP,not too sure on the exact model, but it was going for about $2600 at the gun store. Unfortunately, my budget is $700 max, and I should probably go for something in 9mm, seeing as I will be shooting it a heck of a lot. The Taurus PT1911 seems to be a pretty sound choice in this budget, from what I gather. Does anyone have any experience in how the taurus stacks up to similar 9mm 1911s like the STI spartan or some of the RIAs? Thanks!

fireguy 05-16-2011 07:35 PM

You can get some good 1911's for the $700 you have. .45's will cost more to feed than a 9mm, though. If you want to shoot a lot and save a little I would suggest a 9mm. You can get some really good ones for $700, and probably for 200-300 less than that.

Check out the Rock Island Armory 1911's.
Look around for used and you can save some real money.
I use and keep an eye out for bargains.

stalkingbear 05-16-2011 07:36 PM

I have a Taurus PT1911 in .45 and while I had a few gripes with it (mainly parts such as the sights being oddball dovetail size), it has proven to be 100% reliable. Naturally I slicked it up & hand fit the slide/frame etc. Mine will feed an empty case from the mag.

Another option is the new Ruger SR1911. They just came out with it and I'm on the waiting list for 1. It's very reasonably priced as well.

If you want adjustable sights give the Springfield Armory Range Officer a long hard look. It comes from the factory with match quality fitting and match sights.

criticalplinking 05-16-2011 07:46 PM

I'd love to buy one in 45 but I know the price of ammo will add up all too quickly. I'm leaning towards the PT1911 in 9mm, was just wondering if RIA or STI would be a better choice, or if it all comes down to preference and what the gun's intended use is (this will be my range toy obviously, but would like to compete one day). Do any of these models offer more than the other in terms of upgrades?

stalkingbear 05-16-2011 07:50 PM

The Taurus comes in 9mm and are pretty "decked out" as they come from the box. I haven't had much experience with the RIAs. That might be a good thing since if I haven't gotten them in my shop (before I retired) for repair then not that many around my area have needed it.

Sniper03 05-16-2011 08:04 PM


I probably would take a look at the New Remington 1911 Pistol also. Runs in the price range you mentioned. And would have warranty being new. I have looked at one but never shot it. I assume it is a decent pistol since it is Remington. I sure liked the looks and the feel of the one I looked at. Of course the Kimbers, Rock River Arms and Springfields are great but out of your price target range even used normally. But shop around you may find a great deal! But check the pistol out first and shoot it to make sure you are not getting someone else's troubles!!!! Or have a return agreement in writing!

Good Luck!

danf_fl 05-16-2011 08:06 PM

RIA is starting to look like they are having some QA problems. There are a couple of threads about problems with RIA.

Check some of the on-line auctions and don't discount the idea that there are a lot of good quality used firearms that have had any previous problems worked out.

BlindOldMan 05-16-2011 08:42 PM

What I really like about the 1911's is that you can tweak it a lot after purchase.. $700 now, but in a few months you can modify something.. a few months later, modify something else. Start with grips...

nhsuper44 05-16-2011 10:46 PM

You can't go wrong with an STI. The Spartan is available in 9mm. Terry.

criticalplinking 05-16-2011 11:48 PM

yes i have heard good things about STI as well. all of the 1911's at the local gun store are out of my price range, so it doesn't look like i'm going to be able to handle or shoot the gun before purchasing, unless i happen to run into someone with the gun. my thought was to just do as much research as possible and make my purchase based on that. is this a bad idea? lol

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