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danf_fl 05-01-2013 11:09 AM

Had a Girsan in my hands
I did a transfer that had a Girsan 1911 HC (Chrome?). What follows is my opinion from the time of handling it.

My opinion (in a scale of 1-10):
1. Overall Appearance: 6.5, too much with the mirror finish slide and brushed stainless steel frame, high gloss on grips made them look like plastic, plain mil-spec screws used on grips, although the controls were black and nice contrast to the silver/chrome. Slathered with oil inside and out.

2. Slide to frame fit: 7.5, slide to frame was not up to Ed Brown standards, but seemed to be okay.

3. Sights: 5.5, functional, but I pity the poor soul who wants aftermarket front sight. Firearm was advertised as having white dots, but the one received did not and customer made comment. Black sights and installation work could have been more eye-appealing.

4. Owner's manual: 4, although it went through the required safety and maintenance, the print and pictures were not large enough and detailed enough to be of assistance to the first time 1911 buyer.

5. Maintenance kit (included) 6.0: bore brushes included, oil included (though cap needed to be tightened to stop the rest of the oil from coming out).

6. Trigger: 2.5, Functional, but very stiff and gritty. May work out during break-in.

7. Mag: 5.0, 1 Magtec 8 round magazine included. IMO, there should always be a minimum of 3 magazines included. Should problems arise during break-in, one can check if the problem is with the magazine or the pistol.

Overall opinion? This is an okay firearm for the price paid. I would be careful in selecting aftermarket parts. Buy a couple more magazines.

Again, this is my opinion on only 1 example.

Glore 05-01-2013 12:10 PM

A 2.5 for a 1911 trigger? Ouch

danf_fl 05-01-2013 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by Glore (Post 1232929)
A 2.5 for a 1911 trigger? Ouch

I like a 3.5#-4.0# smooth trigger pull. This one was a lot heavier, and did not have much use. It may get smoother as the pistol is shot more.

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