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deathkricket 01-28-2010 02:56 AM

First 1911
I went and payed for my first 1911 today, never really cared much for them but saw one that caught my eye so i picked it up (kinda). I dont know if it was the fact that every one in the gun store was twice my age but i got the feeling they were not happy to sell me the gun as they were giving me hoops to jump though that was VERY uncalled for as i have bought lots of guns from almost all the local gun stores around my house and have never had a problem with getting one, iv showed my military id, a bill, and a copy of my orders to the base I'm stationed and my CC permit. To them that wasn't enough so i have to get a few more id's before they will sell it to me. I had my wife try to buy it and they flat out told her they wont sell it, or any other gun to her before they even asked for ID or anything. So aside from the worst service i have ever seen, they are the only gun shop in the area with that gun. I am getting the Springfield Champion 1911 and was wondering if any of you who have owned or shot them can tell me, A- if its worth the hassel and B how they are in terms of reliability, accuracy and any other points you'd like to make on them. The thing i like most about it is the fact that it's small enough to fit my hand and carry without a lump on my side. If i do manage to pick it up i will shoot it and post something in the range report section, thx

MoHawk 01-28-2010 02:59 AM

I'll be honest, I'd have ordered it off line before I dealt with such an unworthy place, especially towards a military member. Congrats on the new piece though

DarinCraft 01-28-2010 03:11 AM


Originally Posted by MoHawk (Post 219908)
I'll be honest, I'd have ordered it off line before I dealt with such an unworthy place, especially towards a military member. Congrats on the new piece though

A big +1, if they are treating Military or cops that way then they don't need to be in business anymore. I would try to find it on line or have another gun shop order it. Then I would make sure they never had the business of me, my family or anyone else who would listen.

Thanks for the service.

canebrake 01-28-2010 05:01 AM

This much hassle before you buy, WALK!

Springfield Champion 1911 - Google Product Search

Shop here, all they want is your cash!

CA357 01-28-2010 05:30 AM

Thanks for your service. Tell them to go screw.

willfully armed 01-28-2010 06:23 AM

I'd tell 'em to kiss the fattest part of my ass as I walked out of their douche bag vending location.

Although its a good thing they wouldn't sell your wife the gun. You two would have been violating federal law. I almost got two Army boys arrested for attempting a straw purchase in front of me at a gunshow. One was delayed, so he tried to get his buddy to buy it for him. We refused sale to both, and advised them to leave the show.

Anywho, F the jaggoffs and find another gunstore.

deathkricket 01-28-2010 06:41 AM

My second shotgun i bought was a moss 590,me and my wife were in the store looking at it and decided to get it, when i was filling out the paper work i relized i had forgotten my orders at home so the sale's men let her buy it. It was probably the fact the he already knew me as i buy most of my ammo and guns from him. I wasn't attempting to straw buy, or anything of a illegal purchase, i had mentioned it to my wife when i got home she can go buy it as a present and she did go later in the day,(My bad, i didn't word the right) but was told they would not sell her a gun.
I understand if you can't purchase a fire arm it is illegal to have someone go and obtain it for you,( its on the papers when you buy a gun) :rolleyes:
Any way i already realize it's a crappy store and it will be my last time there, i wanted to know from the community the high and low points of the hand gun in question:)

willfully armed 01-28-2010 06:49 AM

You- " i relized i had forgotten my orders at home so the sale's men let her buy it for me"

Even if your intentions weren't criminal, you still broke the law.

BUT, intentions can get you the Nobel prize...........

As for the springfield-

My first 1911 was a Springer, and I loathed it.

I've owned 2 kimbers since, and they are much better than the Springer ever was. But, I know the TRP is a better gun than any Kimber Ill ever own. The same way that a Les Baer is a better gun than any TRP......
Now, I'm not familiar with the Champion, what's the price?

deathkricket 01-28-2010 06:51 AM

Brand new it's $530. I have looked it over and it seems like a nice solid piece.

Gojubrian 01-28-2010 08:31 AM

I wouldn't buy from them after being treated that way. I purposely avoid a particular shop in my area after a couple incidences.

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