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JiroZero713 07-22-2009 02:15 AM

First 1911
I'm going to probably start saving some cash away for a 1911 so here's the thing. I want you guys to sell me the 1911 and tell me what to do.

It's looking like I am going to get this job tomorrow and I'll finally have cash flow coming in which will be great.

I saw today a Mil-Spec Springfield with a blue bead blasted finish I liked.

Then I also like the Kimbers...but the silly thing is...I just don't like the emblem of the kimber.....If I got a kimber I'd probably fill in the name because I don't like it.....and really I'd rather get a Taurus or a Mil-Spec so I can have a fun little project gun as I go along....send it off to get modified and what not....and I just like the overall looks of the Springfield.

I hate the colts though....well the new Colts....if I could find a series 70 or WW1 Colt I'd get it.

So what do you think?

Of course I was thinking about getting a Taurus PT1911 with the rail on it since well I'd like the rail...and I like having the option of putting a flash light on there so it would be a good Home Defense backup gun.

ktmboyz 07-22-2009 02:31 AM

Have you looked at the kimber SIS only kimber logo is I think on the grips and that can be easily fixed with a new set. I would probably get anything but a Taurus but thats just me. I REally want to add one of these to my Kimber family. But I have to get the Ruger LCR home first.. This even has the rail for you :)

Dillinger 07-22-2009 02:48 AM

Jiro - I can never tell if you are serious anymore, so I am going to respond, although I feel in a day or two I am going to regret it. :o

Kimber makes a great god damn 1911. I have owned three, and other than a small FTF with the second round in my .22LR Rimfire, I have never had a problem.

My .460 Rowland Project is built on my Kimber Custom II that was my regular carry weapon for several years.

That was replaced by a 4.25" Raptor series from their "Custom" shop and it was everything that was advertised. I loved that gun and actually sold it, to a non forum member for exactly what I paid for it.

Now, in the past three years I have been to SHOT twice and I have been REALLY impressed with the fit and the finish of the PT1911 from Taurus. This weapon is not made in the US. but made in Brazil.

We recently ordered one for a friend of the shop who's son was coming of age and wanted a 1911. It was the best "bang for the buck" 1911 out there, and so far, it's been about 5 weeks, it hasn't come back....

However, if you have never owned another pistol, the maybe a 1911 isn't the best choice for your FIRST pistol.

However, there are plenty of opinions out here on the FTF Forum and you should definitely read them all before you spend your hard earned money...


JiroZero713 07-22-2009 02:57 AM

I have two pistols that are essentially mine.

I started out on the .357 because of a suggestion of a friend saying that I should start with a revolver then move to auto loaders. I have pistols.

I want a .45 and I thought what the hell 1911.

While I like the kimber and have been told they are excellent honestly I really hate the logo. I know stupid reason to hate a good 1911 but eh....I want a good bang for the buck sort of thing.

Main complaint about these new 1911s...the slide stop is very flat and hard to reach now and I'd need an extended slide release for it to feel comfortable to me.

It's going to be a full size 1911 as I am not old enough to carry and I'd rather have a full size 1911 anyway. Either that or a Commander length but I'd rather have full size.

Although I want American made....and I love the Taurus....but I want American and I'm really liking that Mil-Spec Springfields I'm seeing and they are about the same price as the Taurus but without the bells and whistles.....which probably doesn't bother me because I'll just get it customized in the end.

It was about 600 bucks over there at the Gun Cellar....I also saw a 1911 for 400 dollars but that was the Firestorm...and I REAAAALLY hate their logo.

I think they had one of those SISs in the store. I really liked it ....but it was 1000 bucks. A big chunk of change.

AsmelEduardo 07-22-2009 03:23 AM

Some 1911s
Some 1911's in a budget... I really like the Taurus Duo Tone... :p

Springfield G.I (parkerized) $526 (S&H included)

Taurus Aluminum frame $590 (S&H included)

Taurus Duo Tone $590 (S&H included)

Springfield G.I (SS) $599 (S&H included)

Taurus SS $619 (S&H included)

Franciscomv 07-22-2009 03:26 AM

Jiro, what's your budget? That's going to be one of the main factors to narrow your choices.

For around $1000 (or less) Kimber Custom II's are very nice guns. If you're not going to carry it, you might want to take a look at the Custom Target II (it comes with adjustable sights). I'm sure you'll get over the logo once you shoot them. :)

Since you like rails, check out one of Sig's 1911s. They've got a couple of models with rails. I tried one out when I was shopping for my first 1911 and liked it a lot.

How about Para Ordnance? I'm in love with my P14-45. It needs to have some parts switched to make it perfect, but having 15 rounds of .45 goodness in a 1911 platform is heart warming. I have big hands and find it very comfortable.

Taurus is a very popular brand in my country, mainly because our trade agreements with Brazil make them a lot cheaper than any other brand, with the exception of Bersa. Their 1911 sold well, and people are getting good results.

JiroZero713 07-22-2009 03:35 AM

Not sure yet. I'm still trying to decide.

I might just save up 1000 bucks and get a Kimber as said....and another thing...I don't like adjustable sights on a 1911. I want fixed night sights on it....and none of the crimson trace bull crap.

And yeah I was thinking Para but really for high cap .45 I'd rather stick to 10 Round guns like the CZ-97.

This is going to be a single stack gun. That's what I want.

I'm leaning towards the Mil-Spec Springfield as for a first time 1911 it can't be beat since it'll work and function good and I can always just modify it later if I want and when I'm in the Navy I can buy the more expensive 1911s later.

Also I can't buy online. It's going to be at my local store and they like me so I can get a cash deal on it. But hell I might go with the Kimber all the same though...but I'm wanting something more like the WW1 WW2 guys had just for sake of history you know?

And then later on shipping it off to someone to modify the **** out of it.

Oh and clue to you Stainless for the most part....unless it's two toned with the frame being blued and the slide being stainless....I hate the look of full stainless 1911s. A 1911 can be concealed very easily even the full sized so why have it shining in the sun I say.

JiroZero713 07-22-2009 03:53 AM

Double post

Found this. I'm liking this. I'm sure I can find a used one around somewhere.

Although I think I saw an SIS in my local gun shop for around 1000 as well.....I just...kinda don't like the SIS slide thing....I like the grip though.

Kimber - Continuing The Legacy

jeepcreep927 07-22-2009 04:58 AM

If you're looking for American made, chances are the S/A was made in Brazil. I have a full size mil spec (late 1990's) and a V10. Both made in Brazil. Just FYI. You do know that .45 caliber holes in the roof are harder to patch than .38 caliber ones? (told you you should never have mentioned that one)...

JiroZero713 07-22-2009 06:40 AM

It was a .357 round actually same diameter though. Louder boom boom.

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