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CAMCHAMPION1988 12-25-2011 09:20 AM

Is it difficult to Connect a 1911 Hammer Strut to a 1911 Hammer?
I have been searching all over for a Stainless Steel or Aluminum Solid Wide Spur Hammer for a Rock Island Armory M1911-A1FS GI that is my play do whatever you like gun. Anyway i found me a Awesome Aluminum Match Solid Short Trigger So i am still on the hunt for the right hammer.

Anyways the Hammers that i found that i have my heart set on appear to be just the Hammer without the Hammer strut. I have never disconnected or Connected the Hammer strut from the hammer is it difficult??????? is there any how to videos on youtube or somewhere just wondering will any govenrment hammer strut work with any government hammer?????? This gun is gonna be Awesome Looking and a little more acccurate with the new trigger.

Out of all the times i have done 100% Detail Stripped of my 1911'S i have never once disconnected or Connected the Hammer Strut from the Hammer Just never had a reason to.

I am sure i can buy a Colt Government Stainless Hammer Strut and it should work with any Government Hammer i purchase right?

Here is the link to the Hammer Strut i have my heart set on

Here is the link to the Hammer i have my heart set on

These 2 parts should be compatible with one another and my Rock Island M1911-A1FS right?
That hammer is $83 damm seems like a lot.
Thank you for your helpful answers i really appreciate it

pagj17 12-25-2011 09:29 AM

It's very easy, the hammer "assembly" is very simple, a hammer, a hammer strut, and a hammer strut pin. You slide the strut in line and with the curve facing the right way(very important) and slide the pin in. Many people choose to stake it(including myself) where you use a center punch at the "seam" between the hammer and pin, locking them together.

danf_fl 12-25-2011 09:30 AM

A trigger (by itself) does not affect accuracy of a firearm.
How the trigger is setup to work with other parts allows the trigger to be easily manipulated for a smoother pull.

The strut is connected to the hammer with a pin, and most strut / hammer combinations for a full sized 1911 will work.

The pin has to be "drifted" out (and some are "pinned" in place which makes the process a little harder.)

Wolfeman1911 12-29-2011 04:09 AM

If a trigger ihas imperfections on it which prevent a smooth, consistent, predictable trigger break, the firearm may ever so slightly be jerked off track (maybe not noticeable to every shooter) this may give the shooter the impression that its"not accurate" when really, its just more difficult to get its full accuracy potential from that firearm. So I guess its kind of incorrect to say the guns trigger has nothing to do with accuracy, because it does in a round about way.

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