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freefall 06-30-2011 04:20 AM

Dan Wesson
So. I must have bought the only bad Dan Wesson 1911 out there. Pointman 7, 10mm. It jams in every possible way, and shreds the brass every now and again. I bought it 2nd hand, will the factory help me or do I just have to eat my liver and pay a 'smith? Bear, you want a job? Or shall I see if Bill Laughridge remembers me? (Last time he did but charged me out the nose anyway.)

danf_fl 06-30-2011 08:58 AM

You could not go wrong if you contact CZ-USA before you let anyone work on it.

But replacing the recoil spring first would be my first step. You don't know how many rounds have been fired through it and the 10mm eats up springs faster than a .45.

CA357 06-30-2011 02:11 PM

FWIW, I had the CBOB .45ACP and it was flawless. CZ is supposed to have great customer service. Give them a call and see what they say before you do anything else.

Olympus 07-01-2011 01:58 PM

I've seen the shredded brass issue come up concerning the 10mms, but not the 45s. I'd be calling customer service to see what can be done.

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