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getting old 03-31-2009 08:38 PM

custom grips
A friend wants you to put expensive custom grips on his 1911. Unfortunately, the model he brings in has a right hand ambi safety release that pivots the primary left release. There is no channel in the custom ivory grips he brougt. What tool would you use, and what would the process be to install the new grips, or would you even try?

matt g 04-01-2009 03:50 AM

Real ivory, mammoth ivory or synthetic ivory?

Either way, I'd just clearance the grip with a Dremel and the appropriate bit. Be gentle and make multiple passes.

Sarge43 04-01-2009 01:41 PM

I agree with Matt - many small passes. You can always take off more, but putting it back on is a problem. :( Good bracing and a steady hand go a long way in something like this.
Good luck!

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