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Considering a first 1911

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Number one, I don't have the scratch. Number two, it isn't on the "approved" list from CA D.O.J. yet. So, it's not available for sale in this commie state.

I'd have to sell some guns to afford it right now and I'm down to the basics at this point.
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That is sweet!
CA 357, I'm in if you're in. We'll buy same time/place and get them to give a discount!
How long do I have to hold out to get the DOJ to approve?

BTW canebrake, this is your fault!!!
Originally Posted by canebrake
If you already know you want a beavertail grip safety and swept back sights, consider a Smith & Wesson 1911 and a Kimber Custom as well. Not the Custom II, the Kimber Custom. Just Custom, no Roman numeral II. No external extractor, and no Swartz firing pin safety. Combat Elite and Gold Cup, Click to enlargeYou will have to buy used, unless you are extremely lucky and find the last bug free Kimber for sale on a dusty gun store shelf in Nowheresville.
Why not the Custom II? I have no idea what an internal/external extractor
is. Swartz firing pin safety is a no-no? My tiny 1911 world is collapsing, HELP!!!

This is as bad as when i was eyballing the CZ-75. I would have to source
a used CZ-75 and not a CZ-75B... COME ON!!! WHY ARE GUNS GETTING
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I have two Tauruses that have held up well but they're 38 Special and 9mm. But at $650 there are many better 45ACP choices and I think the RIAs above are a good one. The new Remington sounds great too.

A friend recently bought a used Colt 1991 and we put 200 rounds through it with no issues at all. Much rougher than my Colt Series '70 I bought brand new in 1976 but it functions just as well. That old Colt never has given a lick of trouble except 30 years ago when an idiot gunsmith lightened the trigger too much and it went full auto!

Good luck with your 45, nice that there are so many fine choices but it's real hard to beat a Colt.
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Originally Posted by Gloves View Post

Why not the Custom II? I have no idea what an internal/external extractor
is. Swartz firing pin safety is a no-no? My tiny 1911 world is collapsing, HELP!!!
Don't pay Cane to close of attention, he is the resident Colt bigot and he is so old he forgets that occassionally there are ideas out there that "the traditionalists" like he and NGIB don't approve of.

There is nothing wrong with a Kimber Custom II. I have one ( though it's a Target II, still a Custom model ) and carried it for years. I have never had a problem with it. Ate what I fed it, shot on target, worked every time and never let me down. Not even when I purchased a "drop in" .460 Rowland kit. In fact, it dropped right in and worked. *ZING!*

Now, the Custom II isn't as highly coveted as the original Custom, but it doesn't cost as much either.

As this is your FIRST 1911, something people around here tend to forget when dispensing advice on this platform, you should find a pistol that YOU like and that YOU can afford.

Taking out a second mortage and buying what Cane or I would like to have doesn't mean it's going to be the right pistol for you. If it's not, you might not get what you paid for it back, inspite of buying a "highly recommended" pistol.

Good luck!

img_2053.jpg   img_2055.jpg  

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I have to throw in a +1 for the Para GI Expert. I have one and really like it. Put another 100 or so rounds through it yesterday with no problems. Mine went for $465.27 + tax. That's brand new. I looked at the Taurus as well, but decided I wanted a basic, traditional 1911 without any bells and whistles. Plus Taurus quality just makes me nervous.
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