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colmustard 10-29-2009 06:40 PM

colt vs. kimber
so i asked before about maybe getting a para gi, but i have now made the desicion to save my pennys and get a really nice 1911, right now i am trying to decide between a colt series 70 or a kimber, my questions are which is more reliable, which shoots better and all in all which is a better firearm.:D

NGIB 10-29-2009 06:51 PM

Well, all you're going to get from this one is competing opinions.

Exactly what are you looking for in a 1911?

What are you looking to spend for this 1911?

With some detailed answers to these questions, many of us can give you some solid advice. Limiting your selection to Colt and Kimber overlooks many great 1911s that may be just what you want - like Springfield, Dan Wesson, STI, and many others. I currently have a Colt, Kimber, and 2 Springfields - and they are all great guns and each has a different purpose and use...

colmustard 10-29-2009 07:02 PM

I would not like to spend much mor than $1,000 for the pistol, the pistol does not have to have all the bells and whistles like extended beaver tail and what not. And the pistol must be made fully in the usa which leaves springfield out i think.

NGIB 10-29-2009 07:11 PM

Since I have no idea what pistols are "made fully in the USA" - I wish you luck in the search. At that price I'd generally recommend a Dan Wesson but it is owned by CZ - which is a foreign company...

lonyaeger 10-29-2009 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by colmustard (Post 179782)
so i asked before about maybe getting a para gi, but i have now made the desicion to save my pennys and get a really nice 1911, right now i am trying to decide between a colt series 70 or a kimber, my questions are which is more reliable, which shoots better and all in all which is a better firearm.:D

I've had both. NGIB is right on with his other options. I don't have his experience, but what I will say is that, at one time, I had a Colt Series 70 and three Kimbers. The Kimbers are really good pistols, but I've traded them all toward higher-end pistols that I wanted.

I kept the Colt, though. Nothing quite like it, IMO.

bobbyb13 10-29-2009 09:22 PM

6 of one, half dozen of the other. There are just so many variations of both.

hillmillenia 10-29-2009 09:57 PM

I've been through the Colt's, Kimbers, Springfields, Para's etc. I find alot of cast and MIM parts except the Colt. Now people will tell you that cast and MIM technology is such that you should'nt have any problems. That is simply not true. I have personally broken parts in all but the Colt. Granted Colt uses plastic MSH in some...and I change them to steel. The series 70 reissue I have has what looks to be a cast MSH and a MIM grip safety but the parts that get the most wear are steel. If your not looking at Wilson or Brown or some other hand built 2k plus handgun, I have to go with the pony. But that just sounds like a biased opinion so take it for what it's worth.:rolleyes:

Glockmaniac 10-30-2009 01:14 AM

my next 1911 will be either a KIMBER ECLIPSE in 10mm with a 5'' barrel, or a gold cup in .45.

the eclipse i could get one NIB for 1500$ and the GOLD CUP...eeeeww 2000$ out the

willfully armed 10-30-2009 01:34 AM

I have the Kimber Stainless II in 10mm, its oh so nice!

Anyways comparing most Kimbers to a colt series 70 is a bad comparison. Now Id take a Kimber over a Colt series 80 any day.

PSYCHOSTROKER 10-30-2009 04:18 AM

By far I am not expert on this subject, bit up till recently I was in the same boat, trying to decide on which 1911 would suit my needs, I looked at Colt, Springfeild, Smith, and Kimber
This all started about a year ago, Spending some time in Springfield Mass I decided to go to S/W and took a look at there 1911 DK first, And Although it is a sweet looking pistol it was just a bit out of the price range I had set to spend, It is a vary nice piece,
I then took the time to look at both the Springfield, Colt and Kimber under one roof, and put everyone in my hand, although I did not shoot all of them due to the fact these were new items, I really felt that the Kimber CDP PRO II was the one that fit the best in my hand, I then went and bought every magizine on hand guns that pertained to these 1911's that I was interested in, Everyone has its good quailities, as I kept reading and thinking and this was over months the one important issue that kept coming back to me is, the feel of the pistol in my hand, I went back to the local gun store to put these pistols in my hand over and over, and asking a ton of questions everytime,
Then it was what size do I want, compact, med, or large, and who really am I impressing here, I decided that I wanted a 4" not a 5"
next was do I want SS or Blued, this was not real important at the time but it did become important later,
So finally I had narrowed it down to a Springfield and a Kimber, I was able to finally fire both of these and I have to tell you they both are nice to shoot, I then was able to shoot a Colt, bit only a 5" barrel, The Colt is sweet, but didnt fit in my hand right and I didnt want a 5"
Then there was the price, I'm like the most of us out there, working hard just to save a little, but wanting the best bang for your buck, At first I couldn't even come close to touching anyone of these, they were out of my range
So I saved and saved but always returning to the gun store to put these guns in my hand, and I have to say the Kimber felt the best, but it was one of the most expensive ones on the list, Then my wife thought that the Kimber Raptor was a sweet gun, the only problem is the Raptor model I wanted to buy was not legal in CA, so that went out the window, almost a year later I bought the Kimber CDP PRO II for under a grand, before tax, and I have to say I felt like I made the right choice for me, and that is the key to all this, which pistol is going to:
feel right in your hands
what can fit into your budget
are you going to conceal carry or is this going to be your prized possession
and is this what all your friends want you to buy or is this really what you want.
I had to ask all these ?'s a thousand times before I put my Benni's on the table.
Now this is IMO and I'm not basking any pistol or manufacture out there, nor am I dis-crediting any one else out there.

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