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freefall 05-01-2010 08:20 PM

Charles Daly?
So. Anybody know anything about a Charles Daly 1911? Bought one night before last because it came with a Kimber .22 conversion kit. Seems like an OK piece, no Kimber, but hey... Anyway, who know's anything about the metallurgy and how durable these things are?

danf_fl 05-01-2010 10:52 PM

Phillippines manf. Okay, but parts swapping can be a pain.

skullcrusher 05-01-2010 11:00 PM

Charles Daly is going out of business. From what I've seen, they won't even be able to honor warranties.

freefall 05-02-2010 03:45 AM

Well pooh. Bright side is, if you figure retail for the conversion kit, I only have $200 in the gun. Anybody want it for $450??:rolleyes:

CA357 05-02-2010 04:53 AM

Geez! I'm just old, not stupid. ;)

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