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krazykawika 06-23-2012 02:44 AM

I recently bought a higher end match grade 1911. (Christensen) I usually just shoot federal or winchester through my colts and its fine but for this one I want better quality ammo. Im wondering what you guys are shooting out there and how its working for you. Mostly the from the guys with similar quality 1911. And no Im not talking about HP. Thanks for any input.

Dillinger 06-23-2012 03:05 AM

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Well, I don't know if this qualifies, but here is one of my personal weapons. :cool:

I carry only Winchester Ranger, alternating HP and Ball in the winter, but 80% HP in the summer months (PNW living).

At the range I shoot anything from PMC to Winchester White Box to Black Hills to my own reloads. If I can find a deal, that is what I shoot.

I am comfortable with the weapon and I know what it can do, so I don't worry about the little intricacies like powder and equal grain count per round.

A good cleaning afterwards negates the dirty powder argument, and since I don't shoot steel case or Russian, I don't have to worry about chamber damage.


Axxe55 06-23-2012 03:13 AM

IMO, any name brand ammo will just fine. yes you can spend more, but i doubt unless you are a top level competition shooter, you will notice any difference between brad "A" or brand "B" ammo. personally i would shoot the same ammo in a $500 RIA as i would in a $2500 Wilson Combat. when you get to a certain spending point, most pistols are usually better than most of the people who shoot them.

krazykawika 06-23-2012 03:23 AM

I've noticed a big difference in ammo. That's why im looking for new recommendations. Mostly to do with how tight everything fits together in the Christensen compared to the colt.

Axxe55 06-23-2012 03:29 AM


Originally Posted by krazykawika (Post 846038)
I've noticed a big difference in ammo. That's why im looking for new recommendations. Mostly to do with how tight everything fits together in the Christensen compared to the colt.

what big difference have you noticed in ammo? most name brand ammo is manufactured according to cartridge specifications, to function in just about any firearm chambered in that round. the tightness of the pistol has nothing to do with how a round chambers in the barrel. a loose as a goose pistol can still have a tight chamber in the barrel and have a hard time chambering a round.

kytowboater 06-23-2012 03:30 AM

As picky as you are, I would recommend reloading if you don't already. I shoot winchester white box. Shoot on average 200 to 300 rounds of 45 every range trip. I have found that any Hornady ammo I average better shot groups, but those are hollow point rounds.

edit, thats also a different weight. I shoot 230 fmj mainly, all the hornady is 185g.

Dillinger 06-23-2012 03:44 AM

I'm curious. The Christensen is a titanium frame, but a slide that is un-named, I assume it's steel? Even if it's heat treated steel, the wear and tear of the steel slide rubbing on the titanium is only going to yield in one direction. The slide is going to wear. Have you noticed any wear?

The reason I ask is the first pistol that was bequeathed to me was a Beretta 92-F, which was before they won the military contract and it became the M9. The slide was steel, but the frame was aluminum. After almost 2 years of usage I did notice a slight wear on the frame as opposed to the steel of the slide.

I assume as this is a new pistol, possibly to you, you have not noticed any of the same results? Or have you?

I'm curious from a dissimilar metal standpoint. As a proponent of matching metals, I am very curious as to the systematic wear and tear of a slide and a frame when they are not of the same Rockwell hardness.


krazykawika 06-23-2012 03:59 AM

I am still breaking it in but Christensen did think of that. On the frame it self where it meets the slide they have welded hundreds of little spots to create less friction with the steel. I can't remember what they called the process exactly. When I first saw it, looked like carbon build up. Supposed to work but only one way to tell.
As far as the ammo goes. When I would use federal or similar ammo I couldn't even get through one mag. Used winchester winclean and could go through boxes.

Axxe55 06-23-2012 04:08 AM

i use a lot of Federal Classic or PMC in 230 gr FMJ ammo for practice then reload with Hornady 200 or 230 gr XTP bullets for practice. i use these in all my 1911's with very good results. i use Hornady XTP's in 200gr for SD/HD loads.

possibility the chamber might need to be polished. take it to a competent gunsmith who knows 1911's and have him check it out. i had one several years ago that would not feed cast lead bullets for anything, because the chamber was tight. i had a gunsmith polish it, and then it would feed anything i wanted to shoot through it.

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