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SHAMUSPI 08-14-2010 07:56 AM

460 Rowland
For the few of you who may have jumped on this bandwagon (like you, Master Cane), I am doing it yet again. I sold my first attempt to an unexpecting young fellow, who was just bug eyed over the power. I felt that just going only with the Clark setup was inadequate.

Well, now that I am communicating with Sprinco, I am doing another (yes, Master Cane, with yet another Smith and Wesson - I just like to go with the BEST).

It seems Sprinco is taking the approach that a fellow named Menck started years ago with specially designed recoil rods incorperating a built-in supplemental coil spring that prevents slide to frame impact - gradually - unlike buffers. I begin to notice peening to their recoil rod base.

So my point for this posting is for anyone who has gone this route, have you found ANY signs of peening to the recoil rod base, link, frame, or anything else?

To the best of my memory, I believe I had only fired 300 rounds of Georgia Arms ammo through it.:(

canebrake 08-15-2010 12:08 AM

I am running a stock CCG kit with the exception of the (extremely light) ISMI 14CS - 14 lbs, chrome silicon recoil spring in my Colt XSE SS Government with no buffer.

Ask gorknoids or utf59 if either felt like the gun's timing was anything other than smooth and "Colt Like"!

I have no worries nor have I witnessed ANY accelerated wear/peening on the recoil rod/link/frame or anything else. (Your concern must be with the S&W because the Colt is doing fine.)

I have ran everything from Georgia Arms 460 Rowland 185gr JHPs, 230gr Speer Bonded Unicore JHPs to Cor-Bon Hunter 255gr JHP BC (Bonded Core).

Also I have ran (With no issues) both .45 ACP ball, .45 ACP JHP in standard and +P loads.

Hell, friends and visitors have shot over 300 rounds and I've doubled that with 80%+ using the ISMI 14# spring.

I think your $90, Sprinco Recoil Management Guide Rod System is a solution to a non-existent problem. (At least in my Colt.)

If anything should be of concern IMHO, it would be your S&W's external extractor, another solution to a non-existent problem. (At least in my Colt.)

I applaud your effort to revisit the 460 as a one-shot-stopper. Keep us in the loop.

I understand Buffalo Bore Ammunition Co. plans to introduce four or five 460 Rowland loads in 2011. WOOT!!!

Buffalo Bore Products Coming Soon

SHAMUSPI 08-15-2010 02:41 AM

After rereading my OP, I think I misstated/mislead you when I said that I began to notice peening at the base of their recoil rod. The rod was Clark's, not Sprinco's. Sprinco tells me they have received numerous statements to this effect, no matter what brand of pistol the Clark rod is installed in. Sprinco asked me to fire a few rounds through my next setup with the Clark rod and send it to them for analysis. Then they will make whatever alterations to their rod base to solve this problem.

Master Cane, the problem was not with the gun's manufacturer, but with the Clark rod trying to be something for everyone, Colt or S&W. You are speaking of a few hundred rounds with no problems - YET. I am looking for a lifetime gun with perhaps several thousands of rounds thru it. The Sprinco system is good insurance that my S&W won't turn into one of the hundreds of thousands of rattle trap Colts out there. And as far as Smith's external extractor, at least it does not have to be constantly adjusted and or replaced, like yours.

Love and (uck!) kisses to ya, Master Cane.

canebrake 08-15-2010 03:00 AM

I like this guy.

I don't know why, but I'll just roll with it.

SHAMUSPI 08-15-2010 06:05 AM


Originally Posted by canebrake (Post 331897)
I like this guy.

I don't know why, but I'll just roll with it.

Obviously, it is because of my warm, sensitive personality:rolleyes:

Master Cane, what little I know about you - I like! I have read that you were an engineer with GM, and are an avid gun nut. Good.

What I really appreciate is that you are no BS'er. Well, except for being on Colt drugs. I too was once in a frontier mode: single actions, lever rifles; you know, OLD stuff - like Colts.;) But then again, old stuff for ...............

A little side question; do you think that a 460 Rowland is too much as a defensive sidearm? Personally, I feel nothing less than a howitzer is adequate for a bad guy, but we do have to worry about demolising (sic) the building behind him (or her). I know this will be politically incorrect, but I feel if I have to shoot I want to take out the bad guys spine also. So, how much is too much?:confused:

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