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donray 02-16-2013 03:20 AM

.380 Carry
Can some of you guys suggest a nice .380 to carry as a backup ?

Devin556 02-16-2013 03:29 AM

I have the Taurus TCP and I love it but my advice is to try to find a couple different ones to shoot and choose what you are comfortable with.

TexasGunner 02-16-2013 03:46 AM

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I like my Sig Sauer P238 HD.

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donray 02-16-2013 03:47 AM

What about the Ruger LCP

chuckusaret 02-16-2013 03:49 AM

I use a LCP, cheap and reliable.

indy36 02-16-2013 03:59 AM

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Walther PPK/S

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Colby 02-16-2013 05:33 AM


Originally Posted by donray (Post 1139633)
What about the Ruger LCP

The LCP is the one that goes with me almost every time - though I have small revolvers and 9mm's to chose from - all conceal-carry types. Ruger did an excellent job of designing the gun for conceal carry - smooth, no sharp corners, snagging protrusions, etc. That includes miniscule sights, etc. But do you need to aim with sights with a conceal carry piece?? Isn't conceal carry about close up self protection - point and shoot up close - not long distance shot placement.

The LCP has never failed me at the range. Other small semi-autos I've had - have failed - one brand in particular - a lot!! (starts with a "T") The LCP is not a real pleasure to shoot because it is light weight - and that is what you get. But it's not a supposed to be a range gun - it's personal defense - concealed! You've got a gun on you!! That's what counts!

But for you - if you are tuned into 1911's and their safeties and cock-and-lock -- I'd suggest looking at a SIG 238 - a mini 1911. It's nice. Shoots with less kick than the LCP because it is bigger and heavier. ---- But it is bigger and heavier - making it harder to conceal. I cannot back pocket holster carry that gun like the LCP. Just won't conceal right - for me... Wouldn't want to sit on a cocked and locked 191 either - that safety thing - Is it on? Did it get bumped off? Will I remember to switch it off? Will I accidentally forget to switch it on? (Don't get me wrong, I own a Colt Government 1911 - I just don't use it for carry)
But I like the SIG - and have been tempted to buy. But finally figured out that I would not carry it. ----- But I would like to shoot it! Those are two very different things, though.
For me - my back pocket LCP holster goes everywhere. It's ideal! Good long pull double action trigger - very safe. Although it is a semi-auto - and I really prefer the simplicity of revolvers. But revolvers don't conceal like my LCP - even my Smith Airweight or Ruger LCR 38's.

danf_fl 02-16-2013 09:59 AM

I never had any problems with my Kel-Tec P3AT functioning.

Fobis has a nice little holster for it. The only complaint is that it is not a tack driver at a distance over 100 yards.

thefarmboy21 02-17-2013 05:39 AM

Well for the 1911 lover Kimber is bringing out a .380 and then of course there's the new colt mustangs. Also the Sig P238 has a slightly bigger bro with the P938 if you prefer 9mm. Looked at several Sigs today....only downfalls I've noticed/heard is they're heavier than most pocket guns and the thumb safety is rather stiff.

CA357 02-17-2013 06:12 AM

Depending on how you want to carry it, a CZ 82 in 9x18 Mak or a CZ83 in .380 could be a good fit as well. The 82's are available used pretty cheaply and the 83's are out there new or as new, but I don't know if CZ is still manufacturing them or not. Just something different to think about.

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