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Default 1911

I've had more 1911's than I can list, and to this day I have never had one that I would call a lemon. Some have had awful sights and poor triggers, some have been first class shooters, but all have reasonably dependable.
There are more books and replacement/upgrade parts for the 1911 than any other gun. Buy all the Kimber, Springfield, S&W, Wilson Combat, Les Baer, etc that your budget will bare, then add or change parts as you need or want. Buying a 1911 is like buying shoes, you will know when it fits.

No matter what gun you get, invest in Wilson Combat magazines.
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2 of my 3 mags are Wilson. They work really well.
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Default 'nuff Said

C O L T...

DoD: Peace thru Superior Firepower
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I have Springfield, Colt and Nighthawk. The Nighthawk is the nicest out of the box. The Springfield Champion is extremely reliable but needs some accuracy work. The Colts needed a fair amount of gunsmithing to shoot well.
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Default If price isn't a concern for you...

In my gallery you will see pictures of my Nighthawk Customs. I own three and have never had a handgun of the fit, feel & finish of these pieces. I did a review that was sent to Nighthawk and published on their site for awhile that I will include here for anyone that is interested. These weapons are not cheap, but after talking to these "good old boys" at the Shot Show a couple of years ago, handling their weapons, and the overall care and customer service they offer, when the time came to upgrade from my previous three Kimbers, there was only one choice, and I have shot them all ( except for Dave Lauck's, because he weapons are REALLY pricey ).

"To the Master Craftsmen at Nighthawk Customs:

Gentlemen ( and Ladies ) – I am writing to tell you of my recent activity with your model GRP full size 1911 ( number xxxxx ).

I purchased your pistol last year and have used it at the range with much success over the past 8 or so months. I had been very happy with the performance and reliability of your weapon to date. I am happy to say that all these qualities and more where brought to the glaring forefront during my recent training session at Valhalla Shooting Center in Colorado.

I went to Valhalla to take part in their “Combat Focus” course. This first trip was a private, one on one, session with one of their combat trainers, Brad S. Brad’s background includes more than 20 years of police training of officers all across the country, so it is fair to say that he knows weapons and performance very well.

In the Combat Focus course, Valhalla uses a state of the art “maze” in which targets “pop up” at you as you escort your “principal” (your private instructor) from one Hollywood designed set to another. Some rooms have previously set up situations, a dummy holding a gun or a knife, in others, a paper target will pop out at you presenting possibly a threat or a non-threat.

Each target is on a “spring loaded” frame that requires multiple hits to eliminate the “threat”. The more rounds on target, the quicker the “threat” is eliminated and the quicker you can move on.

Valhalla does not teach “tactical reloads” or “double taps” they encourage you to empty a magazine into your threat, multiplying your amount of rounds in center mass for maximum damage, then move to cover and eject your empty magazine for a quick reload.

As such, I was frequently required to dump a massive amount of rounds through my weapon, as fast as I could, and still hit center mass to alleviate the “threat”. Valhalla uses frangible rounds in their indoor range, a round I had not fed through your gun before this trip. Even with the 230 grain, frangible, .45 round, I experienced NO change in weapon performance!

In over three and a half hours of firing as rapidly as I could and staying on target, I am very happy to inform you that I experienced exactly ZERO malfunctions with your weapon! No stove pipes, no ejection problems at all, regardless of speed the rounds went through the gun. I experienced no feed problems at all, and I was able to keep the weapon on target no matter what angle I was forced to hold in relation to my movement at the time of the threat assessment.

My trigger speed was timed in the neighborhood of just under .2 seconds per round, so emptying a magazine of 8 took just over a second and a half. Your magnificent weapon ate every round as if it was it’s last meal! This intensity was a constant event for the times through the maze during my training. Hot or cold, the weapon performed with amazing reliability and accuracy, so much so that this hardened instructor commented on my choice of sidearm and that he was impressed with the reliability of my (your) weapon.

Over a span of about 4 hours, I put over 650 rounds through my GRP! Each time a magazine was empty and the gun ran dry, I was required to just hit the magazine release and let it fall to the concrete floor, just as you would in a real life combat situation, then feed in a new mag from my belt.

I dropped your Novak issued magazines on the hard concrete floor probably in excess of 10 or 12 times each and never once had any type of feeding problem, nor did I have any issues with reloading the magazine itself. The magazines were stepped on, in my haste and excitement. They were kicked and they frequently were sent skidding during my runs through the maze. I am happy to inform you that these magazines experienced 100% reliability & there was no show of wear or tear after the events of the day.

As an owner of several semi-automatic handguns, more than a few that are 1911’s I can honestly say that I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and feel that your firearm is the pinnacle of my pistol collection."
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Default something about a Colt

I,ve shot a couple kimbers and springers and there's nothing wrong with them, but I own two colts and for some reason I just can't seem to put them down. The look,feel ,and history just does something for me and soo many others that I don't think I could ever purchase a 1911 other than colt... but that's just me.
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I have a Wilson Combat Classic. I'd buy another Wilson without reservation. In a word: S W E E T. A word of caution: they do not like plated SWC's (like Raniers) -- but they will run lead or jacketed slugs without a hitch. If I am not using FMJ's, or JHP's, I load Oregon Trails Laser Cast 200 gr. SWC's. Never had a problem over 1000+ rounds. Wilson's customer service is ledgendary. Thay are all shooters and they will drop what they are doing to talk with you and make you happy with their product.
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