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swearlikeasailor 05-30-2007 04:48 PM

Washed Ammo Question
I washed my work pants today with a Bianchi Speed Strip still in the watchpocket. The speed strip held 5 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 135 gr +p. I think they will fire without a problem. What do you think?

BrassMonkey 05-31-2007 11:52 AM

Well at least they didn't make it into the dryer :p . Will they fire........I doubt it, but give it a try and let us know.

jeepcreep927 10-24-2007 08:26 AM

I would advise against trying it. If you do, fire one round at a time, have tools on hand to remove a stuck bullet, and inspect the bore after each round. Water will do bad things at both ends of the cartidge, either the primer or the powder. Chances are the cartridges were not sealed at both ends, and you'll get a dead round, maybe a squib, or maybe worse. I wouldn't risk it but...

Tex in Maine 12-22-2007 06:45 AM

I personnaly wouldnt risk it, it is only 5 rounds so no big loss.

gnoll 03-17-2008 07:44 PM

i have picked up ammo i found in the desert looked like it had been there 4 years it still shot but i am crazy and would also recommend 1 at a time and safety glasses

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