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dango 06-28-2008 12:32 AM

Target Ammo ?
I,ve been using winchester SXZ-9mm training rnds. I like them fine and they,re affordable.They also offer SXZ-9 personal protection rnds. but I,m not sure they pack the punch .They are both 115 gr. So what would be the 9mm rnd. of choice for PP. ? -KISS MY WIFE ,PAT MY DOG ,HUG MY GLOCK ,good-nite !

dragunovsks 06-28-2008 12:39 AM

Hydrashox, by Federal are what I use in my .45. The police officers in my state (indiana) use them too.

G21.45 06-28-2008 04:58 AM

:) Most 9mm practice around here is done with either Winchester, 'White Box' or Blazer ammunition. All of it from Wal-Mart. Personally, I prefer to use a Louisville Slugger instead of a 9mm pistol for self-defense; but, hey, that's just me. ;)

stetson 07-20-2008 07:03 PM

Target ammo I use the cheapest including wolf it allows me more time at the range.With the cost of everything going up these days I'll pinch where I can
as I have yet to damage any of my firearms to steel casings.

Landor 07-23-2008 07:52 PM

I also use wolf for target. Polymer coated only. Never had a problem and $179.00 per 1000 rounds delivered is nice.

I use Winchester SXT +p for PP.

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