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sausn2002 09-21-2009 03:23 AM

Is that rust on my Glock?
:confused:I have a brand new Glock 27 that's I've had for a month or 2 now and just got done cleaning it because I suspected a development of rust.

I've done countless research on the internet, but am still not 100% sure if I was actually looking at rust on my Glock 27.

I've owned a used Glock 22 and never seen rust before.

It appeared to be light/thin rust, and was the color of rust too. I also saw the same thing on my brand new Mossberg 500 (which is much newer). I'm thinking it was rust because I didn't put gun oil on the exterior of the Glock's slide and not on the exterior of the barrel, ect. of the Mossberg.

Now that seems like a dumb move, and I agree, but the reason I didn't put oil on these parts is because the guns' manuals said not to put oil on these parts.

I wish I had a picture, but I don't. I've seen rust before, so I was confused. I could only see the faint color of rust when I shined these various gun parts in the light.

Can rust indeed be so faint as this?

Some internet sights claim I was looking at the Glock's faint Copper Finish, but that doesn't seem so to me, being that the Glock is so new.

Also, if there is rust on the exterior surface of the Glock/Mossberg, what is the best way of removing/servicing rust without causing cosmetic damage?

Someone please verify these findings to me. It boggles my mind because these guns are so F'in New (I have shot them by the way, but no more than 50 rounds through each)!:eek:

I'm in the Navy, and have cleaned guns alot before, but when I did that I simply used CLP and didn't really care about the appearance of the guns that much. I'm using regular cleaners and oils for my personal guns, and care about their appearance this time.

I used only "Bore Scrubber" as an overall cleaner before. Could that be it? I have a "Gun Scrubber" now, so I think I should have been using that for overall cleanliness. Both the above and "Gun Oil" I have are from the company "Birchwood" that I bought in the local range and gun stores.

M14sRock 09-21-2009 03:55 AM

What part did you see the "rust" on? You mention the slide, but please be more specific.

Glock uses a copper colored lubricant on their guns from the factory, so it is more likely to appear on a new Glock than it would be on a well used G.

I have seen Glock slide stops with surface rust on them, but those were the very early ones. I have also seen early trigger pins develop surface rust on the exposed ends. Both of these rust issues were exacerbated by "Mexican carry" against exposed skin in the hot CA summer.

Other than that you should be completely rust free.

Ram Rod 09-21-2009 11:58 PM

Gunzilla will take care of things on all of your firearms. You may indeed have some light surface rust on your Glock slide. Gunzilla will remove light rust. Once you know your firearms may be more prone to rust issues for any variety of reasons, you'll need to take care of them accordingly.

Rentacop 09-22-2009 01:41 AM

Absolutely correct that the copper lubricant Glock uses could look like rust.

Glock recommends against excessive lubrication. Still, I think you can get away with leaving a thin film of oil on the parts to prevent rust. CLP ( sold as Break-Free ) is fine for Glocks, BTW.

To remove existing rust, try soaking the rust spot with WD-40 for awhile and wiping it off. If that fails, Liquid Wrench might dissolve the rust. Serious rust can be removed with fine steel wool or brass wool.

Here are some video links on Glock cleaning and lubrication :
Cleaning Guns

James Yeager Glock Lube #2

Glock Lube #1

sausn2002 09-22-2009 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by Ram Rod (Post 163377)
Gunzilla will take care of things on all of your firearms. You may indeed have some light surface rust on your Glock slide. Gunzilla will remove light rust. Once you know your firearms may be more prone to rust issues for any variety of reasons, you'll need to take care of them accordingly.

I'll look for that today.

Does CLP take care of light rust too? I've used it in the military on the job, and it seems to do a decent job.

I want something that will fix cosmetic damage too, like if I scratch my gun real hard by accident.

Rentacop 09-22-2009 11:01 PM

The slide exterior is parkerized ( or similarly coated ) and the coating can come off. Not sure how to parkerize it again, though.

CLP may have some rust-removing qualities. Check this link for a test that found CLP prevents rust best :

MrRustee 01-11-2012 02:25 AM

I know this is an old thread, but I have found a product that will prevent rust on all guns. Try The Inhibitor VCI. I used to get rust on all my guns down here in humid Georgia, I have been using their gun plugs for years and I don't have any problems with Rustee ;) guns anymore. It is not expensive and the rust preventing snap caps last a few months at a time.

PrinC 01-11-2012 05:06 PM

This reminds me of my first glock. I stored it and traveled fir three weeks some years ago. To my surprise the glock had rust developing in the area of the slide stop. I was taken aback by this. Used steel wool and so many other things but just didn't get it to my liking. I finally ended up removing all the black on the slide. It is so to this day.

nyycanseco33 01-30-2012 07:31 PM

Sounds like a problem with moisture... Could be a result of storage in a damp area or humidity is too high... Regardless I suggest you invest in either a dehumidifier for your gun cabinet or invest in the steel containers of silica beads which control moisture as a desiccant and can always be recharged in the oven for use... Another trick is to take the small silica packets you get with your new shoes or whatever and throw them in your safe or bags or whatever while storing the guns (holiday time is a great way to get them cause of people buying new clothes and stuff, they just get thrown away instead so might as well make use of them)

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