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cakesterkiller 04-26-2012 10:54 PM

original glock?
does anybody know what pistol inspired the glock design? i heard it was a striker fired pistol from the 60's made by H&K but i don't really know what to look for

losack 04-26-2012 11:38 PM

According to the Glock America book. Mr. Glock purchased every available pistol in Austria and gleaned the best and discounted the worst ideas and mechanical features..

As a foot note the book is rather depressing as it shows how greed and power can influence a corporations mindset. I was expecting an American dream and got a eye opening look behind the scenes as the monster they created grew to engulf everyone involved.

cakesterkiller 04-26-2012 11:43 PM

they make a glock america book? im not as a big a fan as i thought I was

losack 04-27-2012 12:13 AM

It's title is Glock the Rise of the American Gun.

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