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jpeoples 04-27-2013 05:40 PM

New to Glocks
I have always been a 1911 fan but a close friend who is a Glock person finally convinced me to buy a Glock. He did such a good job that I ordered 2 Glocks, a 21 SF in 45 ACP and a 20 SF in 10MM. The 20 is in the hands of my gunsmith for some changes, Storm Lake barrel, Full Fulcrum trigger and a Heavy Tungsten Guide rod. Being in California, I have to wait 30 days between taking delivery of the 20 before I can get the 21. Both have the same option set up.

Question?? Does anyone have an opinion as to which is a better all around gun, the 1911's or the Glocks. I am a long distance rifle shooter and plan to use the Glocks at extended ranges also.

Advice is welcomed.

John P.

kytowboater 04-27-2013 05:43 PM

Please. No. This will start a war.

Congrats on the new GLOCKs from a 1911 guy.

jbardellini 04-27-2013 05:45 PM

Welcome and congrats on going glock.

Jagermeister 04-27-2013 06:01 PM

Congratulations of your new purchases. I am sure you will have fun at the range. I know this is a Glock forum, but you mentioned a second gun. Please do not start a new thread war comparing Glock to anything, it will not be pretty. :eek:

jpeoples 04-27-2013 06:43 PM

OOOOPS! Sorry for the reference to the second gun.

I will mind my Glock manners in future posts.

At the outdoor range, we shoot our handguns on the rifle range which give us the longer ranges to shoot at, out to 400 yards.

For handgun shooting at 25 yards or less, we use a local indoor range about 4 miles from the house.

We reload every caliber that we shoot so we just ordered the 10mm set up from Dillon Precision and a 4 die set from Lee.

Reloading components for the 10 mm are hard to find so we purchased a lot of FMJ rounds with brass cases from some of the online providers just to get the brass.

Even My Gunsmith has been trying to get me to try a Glock since 2010, guess I am just a bit slow.

John P.

SSGN_Doc 04-27-2013 07:01 PM

I like Glocks and 1911s. They are both decent. I like the Glock as a general knock around gun. The 1911 I like for target and competition shooting. Glock is good for some competitions as well.

Congrats on your purchases.

jpeoples 04-28-2013 03:34 PM

I do not shoot in any competitions, (I don't think I good enough), I just compete against myself forever trying to get tighter and tighter groups on paper at various ranges. The competitive shooters that I do know have been overwhelming in helping me with techniques and advice, just a great bunch of people.

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